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CDM Helps Devotees Unlock the Spiritual Potency of Purusottama Month
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Июл 16, 2023

To unlock the spiritual potency of the rare month of Purusottama, the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry (CDM) has launched an initiative to encourage and facilitate devotees worldwide to observe this auspicious period in the Vedic calendar. Purusottama Month, also known as Adhik Maas, is a sacred time that occurs approximately every three years and is highly cherished by Lord Krishna’s devotees.

The addition of the Purusottama Month to the Vedic calendar is predicated on the occurrence of two full moons within a single month, a rare celestial phenomenon that transpires approximately every three years. This intercalary month ensures the synchronization of the lunar and solar calendars, maintaining the integrity of the Vedic timekeeping system.

Commencing on July 18th and continuing until August 16th this year, Purusottama Month offers a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and deepening one’s devotional service. To help devotees track their progress and support a sense of community, the CDM has developed a dedicated website [link] where individuals can register and archive their devotional practices.

During this extraordinary moon, devotees are encouraged to engage in various devotional activities to enhance their connection with the Divine. Chanting japa rounds, performing Tulasi puja, attending Srimad Bhagavatam classes, and offering Mangal Artik are just a few examples of the principal devotional services recommended during this sacred period. The spiritual benefits obtained from practicing devotional activities in Purusottama Month are said to be equivalent to performing 16 Kartik Vratas, further emphasizing its significance in one’s spiritual journey.

To fully embrace Purusottama Month, devotees are encouraged not only to focus on their personal practices but also to share the glories of Radha Krishna and the significance of this particular month with others. The ISKCON CDM advocates for a preaching movement that seeks to extend mercy and share the divine message with everyone they encounter.

The ministry has outlined several ideas for devotees to engage in outreach activities during the month of Purusottama. One suggestion is to invite individuals to offer a flower to a photo of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and record the number of offerings in a designated chart. Another idea involves inviting newcomers to chant the Hare Krishna mantra. Additionally, organizers can host specific Purusottama Month programs, either in private homes or public spaces, incorporating activities such as reading and explaining the 15th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, offering flowers, singing Hare Krishna and recommended bhajans, and distributing prasadam.

This year, the ministry is excited to announce a unique initiative catered specifically to children during this auspicious month. The Purusottama Challenge, designed for Krishna’s young devotees, offers a unique opportunity for children to engage in Krishna-conscious activities and deepen their spiritual connection with Him. By taking up this challenge, children will receive a cool Krishna-conscious activity book and a weekly calendar filled with exciting activities. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to accumulate 1000x benefits in their “bhakti bank account” and receive a certificate signed by Jayapataka Swami. To participate, parents can visit the website and sign their children up for the challenge. Registration closes July 17th, 11:59 pm IST.

The ISKCON CDM’s initiative to inspire devotees worldwide to participate actively in Purusottama Month signifies the importance of this special occasion in the spiritual lives of Krishna’s devotees. By embracing the recommended devotional practices and engaging in outreach activities, individuals can make remarkable strides in their spiritual journey. To register and archive your spiritual activities during this year’s Purusottama Challenge, you are encouraged to visit the сайт. and join the global community of participants.

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