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Conclude ISKCON 50 with an Overlay on Your Facebook Picture
By ISKCON 50 Global Office   |  Дек 23, 2016

The Global Office for ISKCON 50 has released a 50летний anniversary overlay that can be used over your profile picture on Facebook. The overlay was developed by a team in India led by Advaita Das and Toshan Nimai Das to conclude the 50летний anniversary with a high note on social media. 

“We have seen several successful social media campaigns such as Digital India and the Paris solidarity movement after the bombings when people overlaid their profile pictures with a flag,” explained Toshan Nimai Das. “Similarly, we have designed an overlay using the ISKCON 50 logo, which devotees around the world can use on top of their existing profile pictures. This way, we can build more awareness about ISKCON 50 through social media.”

Devotees can simply use the overlay by clicking here or visiting  http://iskcon50.thyrse.org/signup. Once at the site, you need to login using your Facebook credentials to drag the overlay over your current profile picture. The resulting picture with the ISKCON 50 logo on top of your profile picture will be added to your album, and you need to change your profile picture with the new one. 

“The team that has developed this application worked hard over a few months,” explained Romapada Das, International Coordinator for the 50летний anniversary. “We urge devotees around the world to use this overlay and change your profile picture. Please request all devotee friends on Facebook to do the same. Let us conclude the 50летний year of ISKCON on a high note by making our presence felt on social media.” 

* * *

For more information contact the ISKCON 50 office by sending an email to romapada@iskcon50.org.

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