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Congregation Development Course at Bhaktivedanta College
By Devaprastha dasa   |  Июл 15, 2007

Kripamoya Dasa, a disciple of ISKCON’s founder, Srila Prabhupada, is sharing his 25 years of experience at a congregational development course to be held at the Bhaktivedanta College in Belgium. The course runs from 2-6 February.

Points covered include:

  • When people buy a book, how do we systematically help them take the next step?
  • Developing interest through the mail, local groups, and festivals.
  • How to keep the interest of your newest members fresh.
  • How to stop the congregation from slipping through your fingers.
  • Engaging members in service, support, and preaching.
  • What do you do when your members have spiritual problems?
  • What to do, and what not to do, with your congregational group.
  • Travelling preachers and ministers.

Apart from the congregational development course, Kripamoya will give evening talks on another subject that has been a big learning experience for ISKCON: Vaishnava marriages. Topics discussed include preparation for marriage, mutual expectations, stages of married life, learning to adjust, progressive relationships, marriage maintenance, dealing with temptation, marriage after ten years and children, and finding true friendship.

According to Kripamoya: “Marriages within ISKCON work best if they are happy, fulfilling, and emotionally and spiritually healthy. They can make your temple, community, and the movement prosper. They are not always like that, of course, but it’s not necessarily because we aren’t good devotees.”

The congregational development course will cost €20, not including meals or accommodation.

Bhaktivedanta College’s Vaishnava Theological Seminary is an attempt to fulfil Srila Prabhupada’s wish that ISKCON provide systematic education in spiritual topics. Its main programme is a one-year residential course. It is looking to expand and offer a full degree course in co-operation with the University of Wales.

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For bookings, please contact Alakananda Dasi: college@pamho.net or telephone +32 (086) 32 32 77

Accomodation and meals can be arranged with Radhadesh Guesthouse: Radhadesh.Guesthouse@pamho.net or telephone +32 (086) 38 71 31


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