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Deities Installed at ISKCON Newtown, India
By Khusboo Basan   |  Май 28, 2022

Jayapatka Swami at ISKCON Newtown Diety Installation


ISKCON Newtown located in Kolkata, West Bengal India hosted a 4 Day Grand Deity Installation Ceremony from May 19th-22nd.  The Deities installed were given the name, Sri Sri Gaur Nitai by Jayapataka Swami. There was a huge assembly of devotees which Maharaj addressed by saying, “So you all are very fortunate Nitai Gauranga are being installed here. They are especially merciful.” He encouraged the spirit of service by exclaiming, “Service is the secret to success.”

The first day of the installation event started with a four-hour Yagya in the morning followed by kirtan in the afternoon.

The Nyasadi Yagya (opening ceremony) took place on the second day followed by the Maha Abhishek (bathing of the Deities) There were also lectures by all the senior devotees present. At 2 pm that afternoon, the first Shringaar darshan of the Deities was opened followed by the first arati and kirtans. The day concluded with a cultural program and prasadam feast being served.

Many volunteers participated in the event and the attendance was immense. Huge screens were available so that people seated afar could also see clearly. Vibrant kirtans filled the atmosphere with enthusiasm and energy. In addition to this, there were many stalls selling Krishna-conscious books. Devotees were able to purchase copies of Srimad Bhagavatam and Chaitanya Charitamrita and have them signed by Bhakti Purushottam Swami.

ISKCON Newtown is a vibrant spiritual community centered around service to cows, humanity, and God offering the local community family gatherings, youth services, and children’s activities. While also educating through programs on cow care & protection, organic farming, and rural education.


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