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Eindhoven, Holland Enthusiastically Welcomes 2023 Ratha Yatra
By Sachin Bhardwaj and Arundhati Devi Dasi   |  Июн 10, 2023

Фотографии предоставлены Ananda Jita Das

Devotees recently celebrated the Ratha Yatra festival in the streets of Eindhoven, Holland. Their Lordships, accompanied by marching bands and patriotic floats, bestowed darshan upon the enthusiastic crowds of Eindhoveans.

The ISKCON Eindhoven community has been organizing this annual Ratha Yatra Festival there every year since 2007. This year, more than 3,000 visitors enjoyed the Ratha Yatra and Indian culture with food, Indian clothing, and artifacts stalls.

The highlight of the day was the Chariot procession of Lord Jagannath, accompanied by His sister Subhadra and His brother Balram, as They made Their way through the city. Throughout the procession, there was melodious singing and chanting of the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, accompanied by rhythmic drums and cymbals. Fruits and sweets were distributed to passers-by along the route. The procession started at Trudoplein at around 13:30 and arrived at 18 Septemberplein Square 2.5 hours later.

From morning until evening, the festival at the Square offered spiritual books written by Srila Prabhupada, Indian food, and artifacts at the stalls. Visitors also had the opportunity to have their hands transformed into works of art by a henna artist. The festival stage featured live classical Indian dance and music and the opportunity to participate in yoga lessons. Visitors enjoyed the festival’s melodious Hare Krishna Kirtan, food, music, and dance. Prasada was provided to over 1,200 guests.

“The goal of the festival was to enhance spirituality, regardless of religion or background,’ said Sachin Bhardwaj, “In its truest sense, it was a festival to bring Lord Krishna in our hearts by pulling the ropes of the Chariot.”

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