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First Annual North American ISKCON Medical Professionals Retreat
By Premvilas Das   |  Июн 12, 2015

The purpose of the North American ISKCON Medical Professionals is to connect and inspire all devotees within the medical profession; to improve their practice of Krishna consciousness; to assist one another to improve our service to Srila Prabhupada: and to expand Krishna consciousness amongst medical professionals.

The North American medical professional devotees will hold their first annual retreat in Gita Nagari from September 25th (Friday) to September 27th (Sunday).

This retreat is a forum for all physician devotees and those within the medical field to gather and experience enlivening fellowship. 

The retreat is open to all premed students, medical students, students in other medical disciplines, interns, residents, and fellows as well. 

The program will feature inspiring talks by Romapada Swami and Anuttama DAs, as well as group discussions facilitated by Braja Bihari Das. There will also be kirtan, prasadam, an a full range of activities for children is planned.

 For more information and to register please visit: http://www.iskconnamp.org

Vision Statement of North American ISKCON Medical Professionals:

1. To create a forum for all physician devotees and those within the medical field to meet annually and have fellowship.

2. Through association, to become better devotees and better medical professionals.

3. To equip physicians, medical professionals and students to blend their devotional life with their professional pursuits.

4. To understand how to meet the challenges within their profession as well as maximize their opportunities.

5. To develop Plans and Strategies how together medical practitioners can best serve ISKCON’s mission, Srila Prabhupada and the body of ISKCON devotees within North America.

6. To unite together in effective ways to increase the number of medical professionals who take up sadhana bhakti.

7. Establish a forum to get to know one another and network with one another on many levels throughout the year.

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