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GBC Organizational Development Committee – Service Opportunities
By Gopal Bhatta Das   |  Янв 02, 2020


The GBC Organizational Development Committee is a standing committee of ISKCON’s GBC. It strives to provide proper organizational structure designed to create global alignment and ensure devotional standards and ethos throughout the society. Global alignment will also provide a more unified society with clearer lines of authority, culture, strategy, and performance. The Committee’s members believe in “More Devotees, Happier Devotees”.  

The Committee is looking for enthusiastic individuals to join their global team in the following capacities:

Communication Specialist  

GBC Organizational Development Committee is looking for an experienced Communications Specialist to create and implement communications strategies that further the Committee’s goals. This includes creating written and verbal communication elements to portray the Committee’s efforts while creating feed-back loops with our constituencies. We wish to build relationships with ISKCON National Councils, Temple Presidents, Congregational Leaders and other interested devotees. We also need to regularly report our activities to the GBC.

Creative Writer   

GBC Organizational Development Committee is looking for an experienced Creative Content Writer with extreme attention to detail and the ability to think outside the box while writing blog posts, producing website contents, writing informational booklets, articles, letters, and social media posts. This position requires a strong ability to write creatively, prioritize projects and work under tight deadlines.

Graphics Designer

GBC Organizational Development Committee is looking for an experienced Graphic Designer to work on layout designs for brochures, reports, advertisements, flow charts and more. This position requires illustrating concepts by designing layout of art and copy with sensitivity to arrangement, size, type size and style, and related aesthetic concepts. The Graphic Designer will coordinate with the Web Developer to create a coordinated look and feeling for the Organizational Development Committee’s visual appearance.

сбор средств

GBC Organizational Development Committee is looking for an experienced Fundraiser to organize activities to raise funds, gather monetary donations or other gifts for the GBC Organizational Development Committee. Skills required include working with the Graphic Designer to design and produce promotional materials. This position includes establishing long-term relationships with donors on a world-wide level. 

Web Developer and Webmaster

GBC Organizational Development Committee is looking for an experienced Web Developer-Web Master to create, maintain and update the website and to keep up with user demands and improvements. The role is responsible for designing, coding and modifying websites from layout to function. Must strive to create a visually appealing site that features user-friendly design and clear navigation.

These jobs are either volunteered or paid as per the need of the applicant.

The accplication process is the following: 

  1. – Contact govindapriya.rns@gmail.com, and request a copy of the full-service description for the interested position.
  2. – Submit your resume.  
  3. – If accepted, schedule an interview with the team.
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