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Grateful for the Gifts
By Ananda Vrindavaneshwari Devi Dasi   |  Ноя 23, 2023

As I stand where earth, sea, and sky meet, and watch the sun rise before me, it’s easy to feel the emotion of gratitude. Who am I to be so blessed and where does all this life and beauty come from?

Prabhupada says it well, “Every living entity, especially persons in the human race, must feel grateful for the benedictions offered by the grace of the Supreme Lord. Therefore anyone with a simple heart of gratefulness must be Kṛṣṇa conscious and offer devotional service to the Lord. Those who are actually thieves and rogues do not recognize or acknowledge the benedictions offered to them by the Supreme Lord, and they cannot render Him devotional service. Ungrateful persons are those who do not understand how much benefit they are deriving by the arrangement of the Lord. They enjoy the sunshine and moonshine, and they get water free of charge, yet they do not feel grateful, but simply go on enjoying these gifts of the Lord. Therefore, they must be called thieves and rogues” (Srimad Bhagavatam 3.19.36).

As we head into the holidays, think grateful. Express gratitude and say thank you many times a day. In your mind, under your breath, out loud, to friends, to strangers. Take those few moments and look around you – we have all that we need, and more. This is the gift of everyday life, the gift of breath, the gift of others, the gift of our relationship with Krishna.

Through thoughts and expressions of gratitude, we are not only present to the moment but the practice of being grateful multiplies our ability to see Krishna in our life, and in the lives of others. Gratitude it it’s own gift – unwrap it again and again and share it freely. Gratitude is at the heart of bhakti, which is at the heart of everything.

This reflection was originally published on ISKCON of DC сайт..  Please visit their website for the latest on their Temple opening, inspiring service, classes, and more.  Their SoundCloud is also a rich resources of Sunday Feast lectures, classes, and special event presentations.

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Photo courtesy Pok Rie

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