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А.Ч. Бхактиведанта Свами Прабхупада

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Guru and GBC Bhakti Bhusana Swami Hospitalized With Encephalitis
By Madhava Smullen   |  Май 15, 2020

After suffering from increasing dizziness, weakness of memory, and loss of cognitive abilities, guru and GBC Bhakti Bhusana Swami was hospitalized on Sunday May 3rd in Germany. On Tuesday May 5th, doctors diagnosed him with a type of encephalitis, which causes inflammation of the brain. 

According to Bhakti Bhusana Swami’s disciple and servant Vrajendra Kumar Das, Maharaja is now on the gradual path to recovery. 

“His present condition is not life-threatening, and his health has significantly improved,” Vrajendra Kumar says. “He will go into rehab on Friday May 15th. The rehab may take months of therapy.” 

No one can visit Maharaja in the hospital due to strict COVID-19 restrictions, and he can be contacted only through Vrajendra Kumar Das and Caitanya-lila Dasi.

During the first week of his hospital stay, it was reportedly difficult to communicate with Bhakti Bhusana Swami due to his condition, but his communication abilities began to improve around May 10th

Vrajendra Kumar Das calls him every morning and cooks prasadam for delivery to the hospital. As Maharaja’s condition improves, he has expressed that he is looking forward to reading Krishna book with his disciples again. He has also regained some of his mobility.  

Meanwhile, his godbrothers and fellow GBC have requested devotees around the world to pray for his speedy recovery.

Bhakti Bhusana Swami was born in Germany, but spent part of his childhood in Chile. He met Hare Krishna devotees in in 1968, and was initiated by Srila Prabhupada during the ISKCON Founder Acharya’s first visit to Germany. 

After his time in Germany, Bhakti Bhusana Swami traveled within the (now former) communist countries like Poland and parts of the former Soviet Union. He opened many temples and outreach centers in Germany and the former communist countries where he was stationed. After relocating in 1981 to Argentina, he found himself in another dangerous destination as the country was under military rule. Bhakti Bhusana Swami continued to share Krishna consciousness with the local people despite the threat of danger and many obstacles.

In 1982 during a visit to India he was awarded the sannyasa order. In recent years Bhakti Bhusana Swami was focusing primarily on sharing Krishna consciousness in South America. He gives discourses in Spanish, German and English languages and is an initiating spiritual master within ISKCON.

A GBC member since 1987, Bhakti Bhusana Swami is the zonal secretary for Paraguay and acts as co-zonal secretary for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Venezuela, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Colombia.

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