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Hare Krishna Catches Cricketers Crash on Camera
By Matthew Schulz and Holly Ife   |  Апр 12, 2008

A HARE KRISHNA who videotaped the aftermath of Shane Warne crashing his Mercedes into a Melbourne tram says “nothing happens by chance”.

And as part of his unexpected Karma, devotee Danda Karanya Das, 33, plans to sell the shards of broken brake lights for a Krishna food charity.

His financial fortunes are also looking up after he reportedly sold the footage to TV networks for $500.

Danda, whose legal name is Tim Rose, said he watched as the 112 St Kilda-bound tram driver collected Warne’s autograph as well as his shiny black Mercedes yesterday.

The Merc appeared to veered out of control about 5pm before coming to rest near the corner of Danks and Armstrong streets, in Middle Park, Danda said today.

“I was just filming my three-month-old boy Toshan and heard the ding, ding, ding and the crash, that’s when I looked up and saw Shane Warne’s car – the Mercedes – spin out of control.”

“He brought it to a halt, just missing a car that was parked.”

“That’s when I realised who it was.”

The video shows the Aussie spin king speaking with a tram driver and swapping details after the crash yesterday in Middle Park.

“After that he spoke to the tram driver, gave him an autograph and drove off,” Danda said.

Danda was capturing the delights of his wife Brindaranya singing to their three-month-old baby boy Toshan in the lounge room before the unexpected turn of events.

Danda can be heard saying on the video “I think it’s Shane Warne” as he turned the lens on the crash.

He said the Hare Krishna philosophy taught devotees that “nothing happens by chance”, but he was uncertain what hand the Hindu deity Krishna had played in the series of events.

“There’s a reason behind everything and there’s obviously a Karmic angle involved here. But of course Karma is a very intricate thing,” Danda said.

“Ultimately these things are in Lord Krishna’s hands.”

Danda said he was also planning an online charity auction for Warne’s brake light pieces.

“I saw in the States one lady on eBay sold a cornflake in one of the shapes in America and she got $1500 for it,” he said.

“And I thought if we were going to exploit Shane Warne maybe we could do it for a noble cause.”

Yarra Trams spokesman Colin Tyrus confirmed there had been an incident between a tram and a car at 5.01pm yesterday.

“The incident occurred at a roundabout at the intersection of Danks St and Armstrong St in Middle Park,” Mr Tyrus said.

He said he could not confirm the name of the driver involved in the accident, which had resulted in a five-minute delay on the St Kilda to West Preston route.

“No one was injured and there was no damage to the tram.”

Mr Tyrus said the driver of the tram would be required to submit a report on the incident for insurance purposes.

“And as with any road accident, the drivers exchange details so that each is aware of the other,” he said.

The video can be viewed здесь. and the auction здесь..

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