Ачарья-основатель Его Божественная Милость
А.Ч. Бхактиведанта Свами Прабхупада

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In Memory of His Grace Payonidhi Das
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Апр 13, 2022

On Ram Navami,  at ISKCON Juhu, His Grace Payonidhi Das suffered a tragic accident and left this world. Originally from Orissa, he was a loving servant of Lord Jagannath, and he was a full-time resident living as a Brahmachari (монах). He was currently serving in ISKCON Kharghar but had traveled to attend the temple’s Ram Navami celebration.

Payonidhi Prabhu and a few other Brahmacharis were taking Prasadam in the Govindas Garden -ISKCON Juhu (Shri Rama Navami Kalash Donors Prasadam Area) at around 9 pm and one of the fellow Brahmacharis asked him to turn the big fan towards the table on which they were taking Prasadam. When Payonidhi Prabhu touched the fan in order to turn it in the proper direction, he got stuck to the fan and remained in that position for a little time. Only when he fell down and the fan also fell on him, did everyone else notice what happened. Then they used bamboo sticks to separate Payonidhi Prabhu from the fan to which he was stuck. A doctor present tried to revive Payonidhi Prabhu by performing CPR, and he got partial success. Payonidhi Prabhu was then lifted by other people and put in a vehicle. He was admitted to the nearby Arogya Nidhi hospital, but after some time doctors announced that Payonidhi Prabhu was no longer with us.



All glories to you dear Payonidhi Prabhu, you were a very valuable devotee for the mission of Srila Prabhupad. We all will miss your valuable association forever. We pray to the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha Rasa Bihariji that He protect your soul to be a permanent resident of His abode Krishna Loka so that you may continue your services there eternally.

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