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International Arcana Diploma Course 2022-23
By Mayapur Academy   |  Июл 09, 2022

It is with great delight that we formally announce the opening of the registration for the International Arcana Diploma Course 2022-23 offered by the Mayapur Academy.

The Orientation class will be held on September 30 and will end on Nityananda Trayodasi 2023, culminating in a 16-week full on-site course.


The Diploma Course presents a relevant and challenging response to the current demands of deity worship and brahminical services in ISKCON. Our instructors are some of the finest and most qualified devotees in their fields, who have been chosen for their ability to impart brahminical knowledge, values, and attitudes. Underpinning the academic structure is a developing base of support from staff members, senior devotees, well-wishers, and patrons.



Applications for diplomas are open to all initiated devotees in good standing, who are at least 16 years old. While preference will be given to those with brahminical initiation, devotees with first initiation and gurukula devotees may also apply. Application to attend the course does not automatically guarantee that the devotee will be accepted. We consider all applications individually before notifying prospective students of acceptance.

You can register for the course from our website:

Or you can fill in the google form below:

For the duration of the course, devotees are required to attend the full morning program, follow the 4 regulative principles, and chant at least 16 rounds of Japa every day.

Your admission is subject to the availability of the seats and eligibility considerations by the admissions committee.
We are eagerly looking forward to hearing from you soon! Don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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