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ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya Expands with New Education Program in Europe and Africa
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Май 26, 2023

Govinda Dev Das announces Simhachalam Education Program with Krishna Kshetra Swami.

In a groundbreaking move to spread the teachings of Srimad Bhagavatam and advance Vedic education, the renowned ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya has launched a new educational program in collaboration with the Simhachalam community. With a vision to serve Europe and Africa, this initiative aims to provide a systematic and accessible platform for studying sacred scriptures.

Under the leadership of Govinda Dev Das, currently serving as the Temple President and facilitating the establishment of ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya at ISKCON Sinhachalam, the program has already garnered immense interest. Govinda Dev shared with ISKCON News the inspiring story behind the expansion: “Brajsundar Prabhu started this school in Vrindavan, India, and it has now shifted to Govardhan. During the Corona lockdown period, it expanded dramatically online, attracting around 30,000 to 40,000 students.” 

To meet the growing demand and expand the reach of this enlightening program, branches have now been established in Florida – USA, and Simhachalam – Europe. The Simhachalam branch serves devotees in Europe and Africa, utilizing the favorable timezone to benefit participants. The entire learning platform, including the website and applications, has been skillfully developed by a professional team from India, ensuring a seamless experience for students. 

The newly launched mobile app and website, ibmveu.org, offer a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to easily create an account and access a range of courses. Excitingly, some courses are entirely free, encouraging participants to delve into the teachings of the Bhagavatam. Additional courses, which require a nominal fee for maintenance purposes, offer more specialized study topics.

Since the beginning of April 2023, the program has already started offering courses online, paving the way for the upcoming on-site sessions from October 1st to mid-November 2023. During this period, participants can choose between a comprehensive six-week Bhakti Shastri course or opt for two-week courses on Sanskrit pronunciation, deity worship, and studying the Srimad Bhagavatam. The faculty consists of dedicated teachers from India, the United Kingdom, Africa, and local communities, ensuring a diverse and enriching learning experience.

When asked about the response, Govinda Dev Das enthusiastically shared, “We already have over 100 devotees who have created accounts on the website, with 20 attending the online courses regularly. The idea is to offer free courses to encourage the study of the Srimad Bhagavatam, complemented by lectures from prominent devotees or scholars.” 

To make the education accessible to as many people as possible, the Simhachalam program offers affordable rates for on-site courses. Participants can join the Bhakti Shastri course for a mere 10 euros per day, which includes accommodation and prasad. The organizers have ensured ample resources to accommodate additional students and provide a comfortable learning environment.

The inspiration behind this endeavor, Brajsundar Das, Academic Director of the Vrindavan/Govardhan center, has long been committed to encouraging the study of the Bhagavatam. The ultimate goal is to create a revolution in modern society by imparting knowledge and encouraging dialogue among educated individuals.

With an impressive team, including Kanai Krishna Das as the Dean of Academics, Golokapriya Gaurangi Devi Dasi as Head of IBoEx Courses, Syama Kunda Das as Head of Vedvarsity Courses, and Vishvavasu Das as Head of Russian Courses, the ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya is well-equipped to provide a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

As the program gains momentum, there is a need for additional support, particularly in marketing and social media. Vrindavani Gopal Das, alongside a team of dedicated volunteers, is actively seeking individuals who can contribute their skills to enhance the program’s visibility and reach from Simhachalam/ 

The excitement surrounding this new education program is growing, with many expressing their desire to participate. Whether seeking comprehensive study or exploring specific topics of interest, ISKCON Bhagavata Mahavidyalaya’s expansion into Europe and Africa is set to transform how devotees engage with the sacred scriptures, empowering them to share their knowledge and inspire others.

To join this enlightening journey of Vedic education, interested individuals can register on the сайт. and embark on a path of profound learning and spiritual growth.

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