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ISKCON Bosnia-Herzegovina Celebrates International Yoga Day with Maha Mantra
By Amala Prema Dasi   |  Июн 22, 2019

ISKCON Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina that has produced many devotees who, due to post-war recovery of the country and economic challenges, have moved to other countries around the world. Nevertheless, the remaining members do whatever they can to spread the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada and give the Holy Name to all the people. 

One such opportunity came their way when the Indian Embassy approached them for partnership in celebration of the International Day of Yoga. They gladly accepted to give their support in promoting and participating in the event. It took place on the 15th of June, at the Skenderija Sport Center in the center of Sarajevo, the country’s capital. 

Amala Prema Dasi with the Ambassador of India.

It was a beautiful event where first vinyasa yoga and mantra yoga were presented, so that people could understand that for a healthy life one needs to care for both the body and the soul. Then all of the participants sang along the Mama Mana Mandire bhajana and Hare Krishna maha mantra! A wonderful sight that filled the hearts of both the audience and devotees with joy and happiness. 

Watch video here:  

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