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ISKCON Chile Conducts Its First National Census
By Cintamani Dasi   |  Авг 04, 2019

Between July 22 and November 30, ISKCON Chile is developing its first census of ISKCON Chile, with the purpose of providing statistical data of interest about the community of devotees in the country.

“How many are they? Where are they? How are they?” are some of the questions that this initiative seeks to answer. This is the first time ISKCON Chile is developing a project of this kind.

Dinesvari Krishna Dasi, disciple of Jayapataka Swami and anthropologist by profession, is the organizer of this project. As she explains, the census is a tool that delivers statistical data of the entire population. This information is very relevant to the community, as they can guide improvement policies for devotees in the future. “For example, if we want to do a Sunday school, it is relevant for the project leaders to know how many children there are, how many attend formal school, how old are they, etc.”

This census also has a communication campaign based on the slogan “You matter”. According to Cintamani Madhavi Devi Dasi, in charge of Communications at ISKCON Chile, the idea of ​​this campaign is to reflect the personalist seal that Srila Prabhupada gave to the institution, in this case based on the interest to know the reality of each of the devotees and how to achieve improvements for the community.

In order to collect important data of all the devotees, surveys were sent to different points from where the certified pollsters, located in various cities of the national territory, will contact all the devotees in the country.

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