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ISKCON Finland To Secure the Future of Temple Land
By Bhakta Gurmann Saini   |  Дек 06, 2019

During this year of anniversary of 35 years, ISKCON Finland is not only preparing for Srila Prabhupada Book Distribution Marathon, but also trying to secure the future of the Krishna temple and our headquarters in Malmi, Helsinki (Vanha Helsingintie 14, 00700 Helsinki, Finland).

The City of Helsinki has promised to sell to ISKCON the land where the present temple building lies. The size of the land is 0.6 hectares, and the price is 300 000 €. The price is much lower for ISKCON than for private buyers in Helsinki. The Finnish Yatra have launched the crowdfunding campaign for the land project.

“We are now marketing our campaign, so it could reach as many devotees as possible all over the world. So far, we have been able to collect around 49 000 Euros. “ says the Temple President of ISKCON Finland Tapo Divyam Dasa. 

ISKCON Helsinki Malmi Manor is at the moment the only ISKCON temple in Finland. With the purchase of the land, the future of the Helsinki, and Finnish Yatra will be secured for many generations ahead. This is a great opportunity for ISKCON Finland to purchase the land for delivering the message of Sanatana Dharma and for serving the Vaishnava community in Finland. 

“We ask for your help regarding our ongoing temple land project. We request you all to contribute whatever you like for the land project and ask your dear ones to also take part in this most auspicious project. “ encourages Tapo Divyam Dasa.

 * * *

To contribute check out the crowdfunding page: https://krishna.fi/product/temppelitontti/?lang=en 

For more information or enquiries please contact:

Tapo Divyam Dasa (Tapio Paljakka). Temple President and Leader of ISKCON Finland

+358 45 131 0016, tapo.divyam@krishna.fi  

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