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ISKCON Relief Ukraine Report- Week 19
By ISKCON Relief   |  Июл 23, 2022

July 22, 2022, Week 19 (Month 5)



We are now in the fifth month of this terrible war in Ukraine, with devotees from Europe, as well as other parts of the world, remaining resolute and continuing their sincere endeavours to help the devotees from Ukraine to find shelter, care, and support. What a wonderful service they are doing!

The following figures are for week 19 of this devotee care/relief effort.

CountryRefugees being Hosted
Britain (excluding Northern Ireland)48
Czech Republic77 (incl. 36 children)
France (New Mayapur)2
Hungary38 (incl. 10 children)
Ireland15 (incl. 4 children)
Poland 125
Slovakia17 (incl. 8 children)
Spain15 (incl. 5 children)




We are all heartbroken about the passing away of the two Food-For-Life devotees in Donbass, Krishna-Tattva das and Madana Gopal das. Krishna-Tattva das was the leader and president of ISKCON in Alchevsk. Both returned from prasadam distribution and were then killed when a missile strike hit the Food For Life kitchen. A third devotee, Arjuna das was injured and was brought to hospital. These devotees worked hard every day to distribute prasadam to thousands of people in Ukraine. Our Team is truly saddened and offers the deepest condolences to their families and friends. We pray for eternal blessings and their eternal loving service to the Lord’s lotus feet.


Online Session with mother Rambhoru devi dasi

The ISKCON Relief Crisis Management Team, together with Mother Rambhoru devi dasi will arrange a debriefing of the death of these two wonderful devotees whilst on service.
Questions such as “Why did Krsna not protect these devotees whilst they were doing such valuable service” will be discussed.
When: Sunday, 24th July 2022, at 8.00 PM London time


Coordinator’s Regular Meetings and Weekly Reports

Last week the ISKCON Relief Team decided to have their regular meetings with the coordinators only once a month, instead of every week as before. Both the coordinators from the different countries receiving refugees, as well as the Chairperson of the Team Praghosa das, and the Director, Sukanti Radha devi dasi, participate at these meetings. During these meetings experiences, resources, challenges and coordination for transiting refugees is discussed. The meetings will now continue on the first Saturday of each month.

Also, the ISKCON Relief Reports with regular updates and important information will be sent from this point on only on a monthly basis. 




Most refugee devotees in Poland and even some from other countries such as Germany and Switzerland, decided to go on the Polish Festival Tour at the Baltic Sea coast. There are at the moment around 84 refugees, mainly mothers and children, and a few men that are engaged there in service and preaching.


Relocation Services

The ISKCON Relocation Services is run by Loka Pavani Devi Dasi and three of her Vaishnavi colleagues. They work tirelessly to put together useful and updated information about available help which can be accessed in different European countries. Such information includes government benefits, government accommodations, relocation to temples and devotees’ homes, or a list of ISKCON centres specially equipped in helping women and children to get safe facilities. Refugees can find different options, and make informed decisions on where to go. You can find all this information in the ‘Country Specific Fact Sheets for Ukrainian Devotees’ at:


Crisis Management Team
The Crisis Management Team has appointed local coordinators for several countries. These local coordinators offer help to refugees and assist devotees. Don’t hesitate to contact them. A list of the national coordinators for several countries can be found at http://iskconrelief.org/ukraine-crisis-structure/


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