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ISKCONite to Represent Greens at UK General Election
By   |  Мар 09, 2008

A keen environmentalist, novelist, web designer, and member of Hindu temple Bhaktivedanta Manor, has been selected as the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Hertsmere.

Arjuna Krishna-Das, an active member of the Green Party since the early 1980s, is now set to represent the party in the region at the next General Election.

Arjuna was born in North Wales in 1964 and works as a technical communicator in the audio electronics industry. He is married with two children and is in the process of publishing his first novel.

In 2005, he stood as Green Party parliamentary candidate for Bristol East.

He said: “I am extremely honoured to represent the Green Party again as a candidate for parliament, especially in such a beautiful and vibrant part of the country.

“It’s a great responsibility, and an opportunity for people to choose between the burst bubble of eternal growth versus sustainable green locally-based economies and lifestyles.

“Now we are at Peak Oil, it is essential that we recognise reality. Governments need to make adjustments for a different kind of world without the cheap and plentiful fossil fuels and other natural resources that have propelled growth for the past two hundred years.”

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