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Mumbai: Slokas for Troubled Times
By Sangeeta Sharma Shahad   |  Дек 27, 2008

In these troubled times of terror, when disturbed minds seek counselors for peace, Dushyant Sridhar brings relief through his weekly evening sessions for his audience comprising of people from all walks of life. The listeners, mainly residents of Century Rayon, Mumbai, are enthralled by his wise commentary delivered in flawless Sanskrit and English.

“The chanting of his Sri Hayagreeva Stotram (Vishnustotra) and Sri Sthuthi (Laxmistotra) is riveting. We sit spellbound throughout this 1 and 1/2 hour session which is like conversations with God and provides immense mental peace. Sanskrit that is considered to be the God’s language is difficult to master and understand. But here the explanation of the shlokas make it simple for us to digest the message behind it,” reveals Pushpa Ankolkar, a homemaker.

Dushyant, 23, who is a chemical engineer from BITS, Pilani, is currently at Century Rayon for his six-month long project in M Sc, Chemistry. It is nearing completion now. The young guru is a rare blend of technical and religious awareness. Born and brought up at Bangalore, he was privileged to formally attend Indira Rajagopalan’s and Sambasivam’s sessions from the age of five at Chennai. He has till date rendered 32 discourses on various aspects of Ramayan, Mahabharata and Bhagwad Gita in English and Tamil in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Pilani. At Century Rayon, he has conducted 16 sessions so far.

“To familiarise people with their culture, it is necessary that they chant and understand Sanskrit shlokas. For this reason, after reciting these shlokas, I decode the meaning. This enlightens them. From my own experience, I have started believing that learning shlokas increases your memory power and keeps you in better health. Use of Sanskrit language causes vibrations even in the tongue. No other yogasana provides this,” informs Sridhar, who has been a merit ranker and has also received various scholarships. “Sanatandharma is the oldest religion that advocates patience and Ahimsa-Ahimsa Parmaodharma. Basically, violence should not be in the name of religion. There should be respect for every religion. Attending these discourses develops this ability,” informs Sridhar, who knows six languages. He also believes that “The beauty of these scriptures is lost in the translated works.”

For Mukti/ moksham (liberation), true devotion that is required. Uninterrupted devotion and unconditional surrender is the only means to achieve liberation. “I have come closer to God after listening to Sridhara’s discourses. The chant of the Vedic shlokas transcends us to the world of God. With a random sprinkling of stories from the lives of Lord Rama, Krishna and Arjuna, he makes these sessions lively and gripping. Children also would benefit greatly if provided an opportunity to attend sessions like these,” reports Abhilash Pillai, an employee of Century Chemicals and a devotee of Lord Krishna. “Listening to these vedic shlokas purifies the surrounding and strengthens the ties between us and our Indian culture,” adds Dushyant Sridhar.

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