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New Book Gives Hope & Practical Help in “Heart and Soul Connection”
By Krishnanandini Dasi   |  Июл 23, 2014

The authors of just published book, Heart and Soul Connection:  A Devotional Guide to Marriage, Service and Love, are no “Johnny Come-Latelies”  to the marriage and relationship Scene. Between them, they have a total of approximately 200 years of marriage experience and 100 years of providing marriage, family and relationship education. 

These married couples and one divorcee are a good example of unity in diversity.  They come from a variety of backgrounds and even two different countries (the U.S. and Canada).  What they have in common is their commitment to enlivening and inspiring couples from every background.  Their book is about empowerment; couples get practical tips, skills and inspiration for vibrant and hopeful families. 

The authors speak with one voice, in a variety of styles, to share the message that there are skills, techniques and insights that couples can learn to have healthy marriages.  Here above is what one reader, a psychologist had to say, 

Four years in the making, Heart and Soul Connection is a superb collaboration of wit, wisdom, and well-wishes. The authors use their own married life experiences as well as (anonymously) those of many of their clients to show the universality of family experiences and offer proven, time-tested insights to revive and improve relationships.  Says spokesperson, Krsnanandini Dasi, “our team members have helped a variety of families, Asian, Hispanic, white, black, African, South American, European, young and old, families from every socio-economic status.  We know what works and what doesn’t. 

Whoever reads this book will get a package full of tools to have heart and soul connections with their loved ones.”

Too often, devotee couples face marital challenges without knowing where to go for help, or without feeling confident about letting others know the reality of the problems they face. Therefore, sometimes it is helpful to find help in a book or a website that may give us some encouragement. 

Says, another enthusiastic reader, Professional Life Coach and MBA: “During this week-end I focused on reading entirely your book “Heart and Soul Connection”. I loved it. Even though the contents are not new to me (as I have been researching and attending seminars on these topics for the last few years), I highly appreciated that you made a very clear, accessible and appealing synthetical presentation.

“The fact that it really addresses devotees in Srila Prabhupada’s family is very interesting, and gives even more taste for applying the useful tools you share. Great job. I hope all ISKCON devotees can read this book one day and benefit from the contents for their daily dealings with others. This is especially important for couples, and absolutely necessary before entering marriage. Thank you so much for writing and publishing this most required book.” 

“If I could have read such a book 25 years ago before marrying, this would certainly have opened my eyes, and my life would have been much easier, with less painful struggles. But as you write, “it is never too late”; this is really true, everything comes at the right moment, when we are desperate or inquisitive enough (if we are not intelligent enough to inquire before the difficulties arise).” 

Some of the chapters:  Ready or Not, Here I Come (Preparation for Marriage), Affection and Physical Intimacy (“the Hot Potato”), Marriage Under attack:  Dealing with Serious Conflict, Separation and Divorce, Open and Honest Communication:  Let’s Talk About It; and How to Negotiate the Roles of Husband and Wife.  The book provides a study guide for individuals and couples, a suggested reading list and more. 

The authors are Certified Family Life Educators (CFLEs), therapists, pastoral counselors, social workers and psychologists.  They hail from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, North Carolina, Canada and Florida. 

The book can now be purchased as an e-book for Kindle from Amazon.com:


Or paperback from:  http://dasiziyadfamilyinstitute.org/store/


The author Krsnanandini Dasi is the President of ISKCON’s Grihastha Vision Team, she is also a certified Family Life Educator (CFLE).

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