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New Book: The Nectar of Lockdown by Niranjana Swami
By Sri Radha Devi Dasi   |  Авг 21, 2020

A new book The Nectar of Lockdown, Volume 1, by Niranjana Swami is now available in English in both paperback (250 pages) and e-book formats.

In his daily talks in April 2020, Niranjana Swami gives invaluable instructions on keeping Krishna’s holy names prominent in our daily lives and the proper consciousness to develop—not only during the coronavirus lockdown, but also during our continued lockdown in this material world.  

Topics in the book include: 

Protection of the holy name; focusing the uncontrolled mind; the highest perfection of life; understanding our insignificance; the gift of prema; the dharma for the Age of Kali; creating auspiciousness; dependence on Krishna; and being humbler than a blade of grass. 

Beautiful illustrations are included in the book. 

* * *

Посетите https://niranjanaswami.com/ to order copies.

For bulk orders (10 or more copies) and/or shipments outside North America, please email orders@niranjanaswami.net or send a direct message to Gauranga Press on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/gaurangapress/) to discuss possible reduced prices. 

This book will also be available in Russian at a later time. Details will follow.

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