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New Book To Prove That Animals Have Soul
By Kurmaksetra Das   |  Окт 03, 2012

All over the world, cruelty on animals is on the rise, thanks to the spread of factory farms and meat trade. Even India is undergoing a ‘pink revolution’, establishing thousands of slaughterhouses and taking a lead in beef export.

Dr. Sahadeva dasa’s recently released book “We Feel – Just Like You Do” is trying to counteract these sad tendencies by shedding light on the inner life of the animals.

Book is available for reading at http://www.scribd.com/doc/108045928/We-Feel-Just-Like-You-Do

Available for purchase at: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=dr.+sahadeva+dasa

Some excerpts from the book:

“Take the case of monkeys, the forefathers of Darwin. Would it be a sin of anthropomorphism if we were to ascribe feelings to them? Let the‘scientists’ debate if they want to but even a child knows that monkeys feel just like we do. Then why are millions of them kept locked up in laboratories and subjected to horrific tortures? Is it different in any way from the concentration camps we despise so much? For the people who are proud to possess a soul, we can refer to a story published in September 2010. Then, they can decide for themselves if monkeys have feelings or not.

In the garrison town of Tezpur in northeastern India, A baby monkey strayed into the town and was hit by a car while trying to cross the road. Its hind legs were crushed and it lay listless on the road. In no time, more than a 100 monkeys descended on the street from all directions and blocked off traffic.

Onlookers described the monkeys as “angry,” while a shopkeeper said, “It was very emotional, you could see the grief written on their faces and some of them massaged its legs.” Finally after an hour of serious monkey ‘protest’, they left the scene, carrying the injured baby with them.

Let the primatologists debate on whether monkeys have feelings or not but we can only say that common sense is quite uncommon in this world.

Primatologists like ‘Dr’ Bill Sellers, at Manchester University, believe that monkeys may experience pain and loss in a similar way to humans,“but of course it’s extremely difficult to prove scientifically.

Or shall we suggest a scientific proof for these Primatologists? Beat them with shoes and ask how it feels!

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