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New Service Opportunities with North American RGB Available
By Members of the North American Regional Governing Body (NARGB)   |  Ноя 01, 2023

The North American Regional Governing Body (NARGB) eagerly anticipates the opportunity to provide support and service to all temples and centers in North America. As previously discussed during our in-person meeting in Houston, we are in the process of establishing an administrative office to enhance our services. We are delighted to announce several available positions within this new office.

Positions include Administrative Director, Director of Development, Secretary, Communications Manager, and Legal Advisor. We are excited to witness the continued growth and progress of our devotee community in North America and look forward to welcoming dedicated individuals to serve in these important roles.

We kindly request all temple leaders extend their encouragement and support to potential devotees who may be interested in these roles. By working together, we can strengthen our service to Srila Prabhupada and his mission.

Positions are for North American residents only. The application deadline for these positions is November 22nd, please email your resume to NARGBStaff@gmail.com.

For more details regarding each role and its responsibilities, please refer to the graphic below.


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