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Online “Bhagavad Gita Course For Children” Begins June 3rd
By Thomas Haribol, ISKCON News Managing Editor   |  Май 29, 2023

Beginning this Saturday, June 3rd, 2023, ISKCON’s Congregational Development Ministry will offer an online “Bhagavad Gita Course For Children.” The exciting new offering, provided in both English and Spanish, will be taught by Nikunja Nivasini Devi Dasi. It’s aimed at children between 8 and 13 (each age will be given age-appropriate learning materials).

The course is designed to serve temples with established programs for children, parents who educate at home and as an alternative online educational program for devotees who may not have access to temple programs.

“This course is designed as a support for the teaching of the Bhagavad Gita at an early age; being divided by age facilitates interaction with children, sharing knowledge in an easy and fun way according to the interests of each age,” said instructor Nikunja Nivasini Devi Dasi. “Our goal is not only for the child to study and know the Bhagavad Gita but also to develop an understanding of Vaishnava qualities, values as a human being, and family values that help the child’s all-around development.”

The cost for the program is $25.00 USD and will begin 18:00pm IST (English) and 21:00 pm IST (Spanish); please check your corresponding time zone to participate.

The schedule, PDF, and other materials related to the course will be sent to the students in advance of the course beginning.

To register and learn additional details, visit their сайт..

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