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Paramatma: God as the Source of Inspiration and Insight
By the late Dr. T.D. Singh   |  Дек 31, 2007

According to Vedanta [summative Vedic techings], the Supreme Lord expands and accompanies each and every living entity in order to guide his/her activities. This is seen in the form of inspiration or a sudden flash of insight experienced by scientists at the time of discovery, and by poets and artists in different circumstances.


Let us consider the example of a spaceship. We make these spaceships and send them out in space with astronauts with some specific plan and purpose. If we look inside the spaceship, we will find that each and every part will have a purpose in the overall working of the spaceship to achieve the objective for which it was designed. Such is the case with all the wonderful planets moving in this vast universe. According to Vedanta, all the different planets and luminaries moving at different speeds and with a variety of facilities and atmospheric conditions are created under the supervision of the Supreme Lord for a definite purpose. Observation of the wonderful intelligence and specialty in the laws of the universe has led many scientists to conceive the divine hand of God behind creation. Newton, whose laws of motion and gravitation gave birth to the age of science, said, “This most beautiful system of the sun, planets and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.” Similarly, Nicholas Copernicus felt that “the universe has been brought for us by a supremely good and orderly Creator.”


Kepler, who gave three famous laws of planetary motion, felt God’s presence in His wondrous variety of creation. At the end of the fifth book on Cosmic Harmony Kepler writes, “I have endeavored to gain for human reason, aided by geometrical calculation, an insight into His way of creation; may the Creator of the heavens themselves, the father of all reason, to whom our mortal senses owe their existence, may He who is himself immortal … keep me in His grace and guard me from reporting anything about His work which cannot be justified before His magnificence or which may misguide our powers of reason, and may He cause us to aspire to the perfection of His works of creation by the dedication of our lives … .” All these above statements of scientists support the role of the Paramatma feature of the Lord in the life of everyone.


Paramatma is the partial expansion of the Supreme Person. This feature of the Supreme Personality of Godhead is responsible for inspiration, discovery, creativity and movement of all living entities. As stated by the Lord in Bhagavad-gita, “I am seated in everyone’s heart, and from me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness.”


The Theory of Big Vision can answer many of the questions of which one can find no solution in the Big Bang model. Why are there so many different planets and when and how will our universe end? According to Vedantic cosmology, these different planets are created to fulfill different desires of different living beings and our universe is a closed universe, which will end in 155.518 x 10 to the 12 power years. Based on Vedantic cosmology, the Theory of Big Vision further tells us that the present age of the universe is 155.522 x 10 to the 12 power years.




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