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Prayers for Ukraine Kirtan & Fundraiser
By The Lotus Trust   |  Мар 25, 2022

We are deeply saddened to see the suffering faced by people who are victims of the escalating conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are in need of our sincere prayers. While we are staying warm and comfortable in our homes with our families, in Ukraine it is getting harder and harder for people to get hot food, shelter, medications, and in some places, even drinking water. Can we help? Yes! What we can do as a community is to gather and chant together, pray for peace and raise funds to help in this time of dire need and desperation. Please join in this collective prayer and donate generously when you book your ticket.

We are doing all we can to support the humanitarian aid efforts of The Lotus Trust team which is committed to helping the impacted people of Ukraine with food and medical supplies.

There are thousands of people who are leaving Ukraine through the bordering countries including Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. There is an immediate need to support people with food and essential items as they enter the neighbouring countries. The Lotus Trust has partnered up with the local ISKCON centres in these countries and is already supplying over 2000 plates a day to the impacted people.

Our immediate focus is to scale the food distribution at the Hungarian and Romanian borders to 10,000 meals a day and support the activity of the Ukrainian humanitarian aid organisations which are working on the ground serving the needs of people in the affected cities in Ukraine.

We are raising an initial amount of £1.2m to support all this activity.

Please join in this collective prayer and donate generously when you book your ticket to help us provide essential humanitarian aid in this unimaginable war.

Please Visit: bit/ly/prayersforukraine

If you are unable to attend to this event, you can still donate via The Lotus Trust website: https://thelotustrust.org/

Sri Krishna Haveli kirtan hall, Bhaktivedanta Manor, WD25 8EZ

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