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Pre-Festival Storytelling Workshop in New Vrindavana
By Sankirtana Dasa (ACBSP)   |  Апр 16, 2010

If your coming to the Festival of Inspiration you might consider arriving
a day earlier for this unique workshop. Whether you’re in theater or
interested in storytelling or are a workshop presenter or want to enhance
your preaching, this workshop has something for you.

In this one day intensive, participants will explore the essentials of the
dramatic arts – voice, gesture, movement. You will walk away with some
solid techniques for learning and improving your performance or
presentations, making your points by strengthening the voice and
pronunciation, engaging the imagination of the audience, and understanding
the power of the age old art of storytelling. We’ll also discuss
promoting yourself and your work. Five hours of personal and professional

“Sankirtana Das is my storytelling guru.” Sacinandana Swami

BIO: Since 1975 Sankirtana Das engaged in writing, acting and directing
scriptural dramas, taking productions to Off-B’way, colleges, temples and
special events. In the past 15 years he has focused exclusively on offering
dramatic storytelling programs and workshops to schools, colleges,
churches, libraries, museums and conferences, including the 2006 National
Storytelling Conference and 2000 Religious Communications Conference. He is
also the recipient of a West Virginia Artist Fellowship Award.

ONLY: $20
Thursday, May 6
Morning session: 10:30 – 1 and continues after lunch: 2:30 – 5
To reserve a spot contact Sankirtana directly at story108@juno or
304 845 6840 and www.sacredvoices.com

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