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Radhadesh Expands As Preaching Grows
By INS   |  Янв 25, 2007

One of the first things you see when looking at Radhadesh’s beautiful temple building is a huge tower on the left. Until now this tower was left untouched. This year the temple management decided to renovate the tower creating six new rooms. These rooms will be used by students from Bhaktivedanta College, who are currently staying in the guesthouse. When the new rooms are finished in two months the students will move there allowing the guesthouse rooms to be used for weekend visitors. Also, by putting the students in the temple the cost of their accommodation will be lower. 

Then, starting this March the construction of a new college building will get underway which will house students, teachers, and staff. That project will hopefully be completed in one and a half years. In the meantime work on a new road and parking lot, also at Radhadesh is nearing completion. These will be used for the many tour buses which brings groups of visitors to Radhadesh throughout the spring, summer and fall. The new road is meant to redirect traffic away from the local residents living across from Radhadesh relieving them from any distrubance. The 30,000 visitors who tour Radhadesh each year certainly keeps us busy, but the continuous preaching keeps us alive. Jatayu dasa Congregational preaching department Radhadesh Temple 

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