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Radhika Das Spreads Joy and Devotion with Diwali Single Ram Sita Ram
By Madhava Smullen   |  Ноя 14, 2020

In this gloomy time, there can never be too many sources of light. So it’s apt that on Diwali day (November 14летний) this year, there are at least two new devotional songs set to be released. As well as Govinda Priya’s first single “Achyutam: Your Names,” another UK-based artist, Radhika Ranjana Das (affectionately known as Radhika Das) has announced his debut track Ram Sita Ram. 

“In my childhood I would hear ancient tales of Sita Ram and particularly Hanuman, the fiercely strong bhakta of Sri Ram,” says Radhika Das. “I was mesmerised by the way in which Hanuman goes above and beyond in love for his Dear Lord, and the beautiful example he sets of serving God, and his children with love.

“So as a tribute to Hanuman’s mood of service and love to Ram, I pray that this small musical offering can be of service in sharing the divine names of Sita and Ram with the world.”


Radhika Das first came across Bhakti Yoga in 2007. At a young age, he felt that the world was in the most part frustrated in its search for happiness and deeper truth. The solution was simple yet profound – the path of love and devotion to the Supreme. He decided to dedicate more time to absorb himself in the ancient practice of Kirtan and discovered the beauty of mantra.


Radhika Das says that he is devoted to helping people, whether they be from an existing yoga or spiritual background or those with limited or no exposure to the practices. His aim is to help others to feel more fulfilled through mantra meditation and a holistic way of living; deeply connecting the mind, body and soul. 


His debut single was born out of this aim. “I felt there was a need for more call and response chants,” he says. “With the world as it is, we can’t currently share in large groups and so this was the next best alternative – to bring mantra to people’s phones, cars and homes.”


Ram Sita Ram features contributions from a host of devotees worldwide  – production by Gaura Vani and Jagannath Suta, drum by Prahlad Patel, Vina by Shalini Priya Devi Dasi, acoustic guitar by Elijah Tucker from South America, bass by Purusartha Das from Alachua, Florida, and backing vocals by Ananda Monet, Kavi Chandra Das, Kalindi Fournier and Ekadasi Ryan.

During these difficult times, Radhika Das hopes the song will bring listeners “A little bit of joy, love and devotion!”

To listen on the platform of your choice, click here: www.radhikadas.com/ram-sita-ram



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