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Samadhi Established for ISKCON Kirtan Singer Aindra Dasa
By Madhava Smullen   |  Авг 28, 2010

The Samadhi—usually a monument commemorating a departed Vaishnava—of renowned kirtaniya Aindra Dasa was established in Vrindavana, India this July 15th, thirty days after he passed away in an accidental fire.

Rather than building a new structure, devotees established the Samadhi in his room at the Vrindavana International School’s brahmachari ashram.

The room was renovated, with fresh cow dung covering the walls in the traditional style. All of his Deities were moved back into it, while Mukunda Datta Dasa, ISKCON Vrindavana’s head priest, performed a sacred ceremony.

Several of Aindra’s godbrothers—fellow disciples of ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada—glorified him and the way he ran Vrindavana’s 24 Hour Kirtan Department with such dedication and organization for many, many years. In fact, Krishna’s Holy Names have been chanted continuously and without cessation in Krishna Balarama Mandir since his arrival in 1986.

Next, 24-Hour Kirtan stalwart Gopal Dasa placed Aindra’s sacred ashes into Samadhi (also described as a state of complete absorption in Krishna) on behalf of the Department.

108 Hare Krishna maha-mantras were then offered into a fire sacrifice, after which the assembled devotees walked in a small procession to Mukunda Datta’s house. There, they partook of a sanctified prasadam feast in honor of Aindra Dasa.

The feeling amongst devotees is that Aindra’s room—number 89 in the International School’s brahmachari ashram—was the perfect place to create his Samadhi and commemorate his life of service.

The dedicated kirtan singer moved into it soon after arriving in Vrindavan in 1986 and continued to live in the same room for the next 24 years.

Furnished with cow dung art on the walls, Yamuna river clay on the floor, and remnants of the sacred Tamal tree that once stood in the Krishna Balarama Mandir’s courtyard, it captured the essence of Vrindavana Dhama, Lord Krishna’s holy birthplace.

So it goes without saying that the room was very dear to Aindra. He spent most of his time there, chanting Hare Krishna on his beads, studying Srila Prabhupada’s books, and performing his personal Deity worship. He very rarely left his room for any other purpose than to carry out his kirtan and Deity dressing services, to purchase food for his Deities, and to go to the bathroom.

Aindra had always expressed his desire that his Samadhi be nearby his Deities and that his worship of Nitai-Saci-Suta, over 2,000 sacred Salagrama Sila stones, and his many other Deities be continued in his absence.

His presence in the room is still very much felt, and he will continue to inspire all the devotees—especially those serving in his 24 Hour Kirtan Department—to keep the fire of chanting Krishna’s names burning.

To see more photos of Aindra Dasa’s Samadhi, please click here: http://www.myphotos.yahoo.com/s/21ct3srv8utcsb86hpd6

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