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Stephen Hawking On Trial – Confronting the Big Bang
By Sunanda das   |  Май 21, 2016

A new book by Vaiyasaki das

Vaiyasaki Das, the well-known ISKCON kirtaniya, and author, recently published his newest book, Stephen Hawking On Trial – Confronting the Big Bang. Like his first Blockbuster book Cosmology On Trial – Cracking the Cosmic Code, this book is now also a Bestseller in its category on Amazon. 

Vaiyasaki has taken seriously Srila Prabhupada’s instruction to expose the scientific account of the origin of the universe as mostly speculation with very little data to back up the assertions. Hawking is one of the world’s leading cosmologists, and disproving so-called scientific assertions will become one of the foundations for presenting the conclusive and self-effulgent truths of the Vedic scriptures and acharyas.

As the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium rises, and ISKCON reaches greater levels of public attention, it will be necessary for devotees to explain where science is right and where it is wrong. Therefore, I agree with other senior devotees that we would do well to seriously read these books of Vaiyasaki Das (Pierre St Clair). Sadaputa Das (Dr. Richard L. Thompson PhD), the architect of the planetarium design for the TOVP (www.youtube.com/SadaputaChannel) used to stress this point regularly, “It is not enough to just say that the Vedas are right and science is wrong. We must know why.” Srila Prabhupada wanted us to understand the importance and power of seeing through the veil of illusion created by modern materialistic science by which it presents itself as the authority on the universe.

Please click this link  http://amzn.to/1ZEIiim  to read the latest five-star review by Top Ten and Hall of Fame reviewer, J. Chambers. Once you read the review, click ‘Yes, this was helpful’ under the review as this simple click will increase the exposure, popularity and sales of the book. Vaiyasaki has made this book available at the ridiculously low price of $0.99 to get it into everyone’s hands. Please purchase this book, or both his books, on the same review page.

Note: If you do not have a Kindle, just download the Free Kindle App to your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone to read the book.

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