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“The Stolen River”: A New Short Film about the River Yamuna
By Madayanti Dasi   |  Янв 01, 1901

Photos by Filip Cargonja.

Despite the fact that sanctified places usually captivate us with their beauty, and thus increase our reverence and appreciation towards them, a recently released short film about the holy River Yamuna offers a more disturbing truth. It’s a reality to which many would rather close their eyes.

“The Stolen River” reveals the heartbreaking gap between the former storied majesty of the Yamuna and the negligence and irresponsibility of humankind towards the river today.

The film presents one of the greatest tragedies in contemporary India. It begins by showing the River Yamuna emerging from crystal clear springs, then follows its dark and deadly transformation as it flows towards Agra.

One of the most shocking moments of the film is when, not long after its emergence in the Himalayas, the Yamuna is shown to be completely empty, and just a stony bed.

Is it possible to steal an entire river? Yes, indeed, it is!

But then, what is it that flows into the holy place of Vrindavan and further down into Agra?

The film does not leave any doubts: the holy Yamuna is being systematically destroyed.

The film’s purpose is to make us eyewitnesses to the sewage and industrial waste that gets pumped into the river, without cessation — and to meet the innocent people who depend on this water, drink from it, bathe in it, and unknowingly poison themselves and their children.

The filmmakers hope that this video about sanctity, beauty and tragedy will inspire us to open not only our eyes but our hearts too. Natural resources belong to all people — and should be protected. We can help reclaim the “Stolen River,” for everyone; so that holiness is respected, and lives are saved.

“Yamuna: The Stolen River” has been produced by Karuna Productions.
It has been inspired by Sivarama Swami and sponsored by MMSST.
Photography: SaveYamuna Team, Pond5.com and VideoBlocks
Narrator/script editor: Mark DeGasperi
Sound engineers: Akos Rozsa, Paul Laurence
Editors: Zoltan Szekeres, Szabolcs Guth
Producer/writer/director: Krisztina Danka, PhD. (Krishna-lila dasi)

Click here to watch the short film:

To lear more about the subject and to get involved please visit www.SaveYamuna.org.

Karuna Productions is focused on developing, writing and producing documentaries, short and feature films that are connected to spirituality, inspire loving-kindness and compassion, or connect us with our inner selves, as well as the world around us. www.karunaproductions.com

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