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Ukraine Conflict Updates
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Мар 14, 2022

This article will be regularly updated to keep you informed on the ever-changing situation in Ukraine.

1: Mariupol Evactuation Notice

The following announcement has been sent to us from the European Crisis Team and reported by Sukanti Radha devi dasi. It was received on March 14th. We have no further information and are posting what we received.

“We have confirmation of de facto cease-fire in the direction of the humanitarian corridor for private transport along the route: Mariupol (towards the village of Melekine-village of Portovske – town of Mangush-Berdiansk – Zaporizhia).

As of right now, more than 50 private cars have already passed Berdiansk and are moving in the direction of Zaporizhia. As of now, going through checkpoints does not cause problems. Important information for all those who have left and are planning to leave.

All Mariupol residents are waiting for first aid, accommodation, and assistance further at the address: Zaporozhye, 41 Recordna street, circus building.

Contact person: Rempel Andrei Volodymyrovch tel. 067 522 80 18 Yulia Pogrebnyak 095 277 71 11

The curfew will end at 8 pm Ukraine time.
We hope as many devotees as possible will be able to use this route for we do not know when another passage like this will be open.

Note: We cannot officially guarantee security in the direction of this corridor, but this is the only corridor with which there is an official approval and which actually works today. That is why we inform you about the opportunity to use the information in case you make your own decision to evacuate by your own transport.”


2: Kyiv Devotees in the Chernovtsy Temple: March 12th, 9:30 PM EST

Share Your Care

Kyiv devotees in the Chernovtsy temple. Currently, the devotees there are sleeping on the floor, and the temple room is divided into two parts by a curtain.

The devotees will be carrying out a Food For Life program feeding 150 refugees daily.

Prasadam distribution, feeding the needy sanctified food, in dire situations like this one becomes a uniting force and a mission for devotees.

3:Shocking News of Devotee Families Trapped, March 10th 7:00 AM EST

People around the world are shocked at the horrors unfolding in Ukraine. ISKCON News received this startling text message from a distraught devotee, trapped in the city of Mariupol. Per IN policy, we did not publish or share it until we were able to verify the report and get permission from leaders in the region to publish it. Our goal first and foremost is to assure that devotees are not put into further danger. We have not edited what follows except where explicitly noted, nor corrected the English.

Written by Leela Manjari:

SOS!!! Please help. Take us out!!!

LEFT shore, Mariupol under terrible bombardment.

Can’t get out and out. Only the center leaves, they forgot about us, and this is a lot of people. We have 14 people at home, 7 of them are children, the youngest is 1 month old, three more are 2 years old. There is no light, water, heating, no communication, there are broken windows, today it is -3 degrees outside at night. Every day there are terrible battles. I almost do not sleep, the psyche is at the limit. We continue to chant and read.

We ask you to disseminate information about the desire for an evacuation that is not carried out. There are a lot of us on the Left Bank of the city of Mariupol, it was not possible to leave. Please convey this message to Chaitanya Chandra Charan prabhu (His disciples we: Anadi Gopal d, Leela Manjari dd, still remained on the left, now it is not known if they left – delete from the list: Naam Mahima, Jai Gaurangi, Ekachakra vijay, Advaita Purusha and Yamuna Tira, their 4-year-old son Danil.), Also with us are the disciples of H.H. Indradyumna Maharaja (Yadu Kumar and Rasa Sundari, their daughter Govardhaneshwari, 2 years old). Please pass this letter to His
Holiness) we are in great need of both prayer support and evacuation.

There are also disciples of H.H. Niranjana Maharaja and Bhaktivigyana Gosvami. What is going on is beyond words. Everything is destroyed, houses are on fire, craters are everywhere and bombs are flying … Please send this letter to everyone you can.

Contact only through [deleted] in Viber, etc.

We are located on [deleted]. There are a lot of people nearby in the bomb shelter in the [deleted], children, take us out….


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