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Upcoming Online Presentation – “Detecting and Disarming the False Ego” by Sukhavaha Devi Dasi
By Thomas Haribol, IKSCON News Managing Editor   |  Май 21, 2023

Sukhavaha Devi Dasi will be presenting “Detecting and Disarming the False Ego” online on May 24th, 6-7:30 pm (EDT), as part of the ongoing education offered by ISKCON’s Karuna Care Education Ministry.

According to their сайт., “Karuna Care Education equips students with the basic tools they need to offer persons in crisis competent, well-informed emotional support and spiritual care. We provide introductory-level training for persons of faith who wish to enhance their interpersonal awareness and skills in order to become a compassionate presence in the lives of others.” In particular, this course is part of the ISKCON HEARTS initiative within Karuna Care. HEARTS is an acronym for Holistic Emotional Awareness Relational Training and Support.

Sukhavaha became a certified Karuna Care Chaplain in 2022. In 1974 she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare and moved to New Vrindaban five months later to become a full-time devotee. Over the years, some of her services included cleaning, accounting, fundraising, and managing a New York City center (the now Bhakti Center). While in NYC, she took many leadership and training courses, including intensive immersions in Compassionate Communication. “The false ego is part of our very sophisticated operating system,” presenter Sukhavaha Devi Dasi said. “It seems to me that we understand the operating systems of our cell phones and our computers more than we understand our own selves.”

To respond to this lack of understanding, the presentation aims to introduce devotees to ways of detecting and disarming the systems that may inhibit their growth and development.

The presentation will be hosted on the Zoom platform. Meeting ID 206-615-1726 passcode will be 751-605.

For more information on ISKCON Karuna Care, visit their сайт..


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