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UPDATED: Verified Donations for Ukraine
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Апр 28, 2022

Where to Send Donations to Help Ukrainians

Members and friends of ISKCON have asked how to send money to help devotees in Ukraine and to support relief programs for Ukrainian refugees in the region. Below are authorized sites that ISKCON News has confirmed to date. Bank details for each follow the list of charities/ not-for-profits.

Ukraine ISKCON Account — to wire money directly to ISKCON Ukraine

All direct Ukrainian donations methods can be found on shareyour.care

ISKCON Communications Europe– A European non-profit that will distribute funds to support relief efforts in the region

Bank details
Triodos Bank
ISKCON Communications Europe asbl
197 Ave d Auderghem
1040 Bruxelles
IBAN: BE27 5230 8129 5573
Communication: ISKCON Relief Ukraine.

For the United States: New Vrindaban — tax-exempt in the US; will distribute funds to support relief in Ukraine and the region

New Vrindaban:
Donations Can Be Made Online Here: tinyurl.com/2p9yphz9


DISCLAIMER: ISKCON has collected the names of organizations and bank accounts listed above in an effort to make this information to those who desire to help the people and devotees of Ukraine. All this information has been collected in good faith and is provided here as a service for those looking for a way to provide financial assistance for Ukrainians. ISKCON believes that the information provided above is reliable. However, ISKCON has not conducted any independent investigation to verify the accuracy or authenticity of the information. Accordingly, ISKCON cannot and does not promise, warrant, or otherwise provide any guarantee that funds contributed will actually be received by the individuals and groups listed above or that, if the money is received, that it will in fact be used for the charitable purposes stated above. By providing the above-listed information, ISKCON, ISKCON News, and ISKCON Communications and any other ISKCON entity, shall not be liable to anyone for any misappropriation of funds that are contributed, or for any loss or damage suffered by anyone who makes any financial contribution to any of the organizations, individuals, and accounts listed above.

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