Ачарья-основатель Его Божественная Милость
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Walking In This World
By Rukmini Walker   |  Дек 20, 2019

“Be an invisible guide, like the scent of roses that shows where the inner garden is.” ~ Rumi

To travel through the world in a mood of detachment carrying within ourselves the inner knowledge and identity that, I am spirit. I am not of this world. My home is elsewhere. I belong to Krsna.

When we travel, sometimes we stay in a place that’s comfortable, sometimes not so much. Sometimes the bed is too hard or too soft, or the water in the shower doesn’t really get hot. Or the toilet, well, the toilet can be another whole story…

But what is my purpose? Have I come here to learn and to give? How can I be of service to this place and to the people here? 

Flying through most airports in the world these days, one needs to walk through at least an acre of Duty Free shops selling every brand of liquor, cigarettes, perfume and chocolate. Will a simple ordinary person think, ‘What’s wrong with me that I think I don’t want or need these things? Maybe I need to try these things that seem to make so many people happy…’

But what is my purpose in this world? Am I meant to  be a commodity to be bought and sold by the manipulations of others?  Have I come to this world to exploit and be exploited by others?  Or can I live and walk this world with detachment, knowing that I am meant for a much higher life, that my identity is way beyond this world, in a relationship of love and service to the eternal beloved Lord of my heart?

Can I walk the world in grace, in anonymous  humility, offering myself to selflessly give, as an invisible guide, like the scent of roses?

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