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  • New Krishna Temple Opens in Salt Lake City

    The new temple project in Salt Lake, conveniently close to the downtown of Utah’s largest city, sits on 4 acres of land and includes the new temple building as well as an existing former school building with existing classrooms, a commercial kitchen, offices, and a large multi-purpose room.

  • Devotees Participate in Parliament of The World’s Religions

    Several ISKCON devotees contributed to the Parliament of the World’s Religions – the largest interfaith gathering in the world – this year, with kirtan, japa, and an introduction to the Bhakti philosophy. The first Parliament was held in 1893 and is recognized as the birth of formal interreligious dialogue worldwide. It wasn’t held again until one hundred years later in 1993, but has been held every five years since then.

  • Utah Becomes “Krishna Country” with New Salt Lake City Temple
    On a recent Friday evening, motorists in Salt Lake City, Utah pulled over to take photos, and pedestrians stopped in their tracks, staring, as a llama wandered sedately down 33rd South, one of the busiest streets in the city. The surreal scene even made its way onto Fox News that night.
  • New Hare Krishna Temple Opens in Salt Lake City
    Tucked into a neighborhood in south Salt Lake City, a new Hare Krishna temple is beginning to carve out its niche in the Salt Lake City faith community.
  • ISKCON Utah Looks to Open New Center in Salt Lake City
    Despite the almost impossible odds of a Krishna temple succeeding in the center of Mormon country, it was soon drawing thousands of western college students from the local Brigham Young University to its huge, elaborate festivals.