• GBC Focuses on 50th Anniversary Celebrations
  • Food for Life in War-Torn Ukraine
  • First Moscow Kirtan Mela Inspires Two Thousand
  • Yamuna Protest Will Not Budge This Time
  • Day Three of ISKCON GBC's General Meetings
  • First Ever ISKCON Program in Ranchi, Jharkand
  • Family Breakdown Brings Societal Collapse
  • Nemesis in a Bag of Peanuts
  • New Coordinator Talks Exciting Plans for ISKCON’s 50th
  • After a worldwide search, the Executive Committee for ISKCON’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations has appointed Romapada Das as its International Coordinator. The 50th anniversary celebrations will see a series of global and local events across six continents and 75 countries throughout 2015 and 2016.

  • Day 5 of the ISKCON GBC Meetings Focuses on ISKCON's 50th Anniversary
  • The fifth day of the Annual General Meeting of ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission focused on celebrating the 50th anniversary of ISKCON’s incorporation in 2016. Pancaratna Dasa, a member of the 50th Anniversary International Steering Committee, presented an elaborate report on the progress made so far along with the list of events being planned. 

  • Devotees Brave War-Torn Ukraine to Provide “Food For Life”
  • A brave group of devotees have mounted a Food For Life effort and are preparing enough vegetarian food to distribute to 600 to 800 people every day in the war-ravaged city of Donetsk, South-East Ukraine. When Kishora Gopala Das, Yuthesvari Dasi and others at the ISKCON temple in Donetsk saw the situation escalate last year, they wanted to help citizens in affected areas.

  • First Ever Moscow Kirtan Mela Inspires Two Thousand
  • Moscow’s first ever Kirtan Mela, which ran from Friday January 30th to Sunday February 1st, drew nearly 2,000 devotees from around Russia – and it was a colorfuly uplifting affair on a grand scale. The event was organized by Saraswati Dasi after ISKCON guru Bhakti Bringa Govinda Swami, inspired by a “Mantra Yoga” program he attended in Moscow, expressed the desire to participate in more outreach programs there.

  • "Garbha̅dha̅na-saṁska̅ra" Book Released
  • Gabhadhana-samskara, the first and most important of all the purificatory processes in the tradition of Sanatana dharma is yet either less prevalent today or almost extinct. Such a sacred practice remains obscure, less propagated and even less  understood. The new publication titled, “Garbha̅dha̅na-saṁska̅ra, The Science of Vedic Family Planning” humbly attempts to fills this gap.

  • First Ever ISKCON Program Held in Ranchi, Jharkand, India
  • On February 9th, devotees from ISKCON Patna held the first ever program in Ranchi, the capital of the Indian state of Jharkhand. The program’s purpose was to provide a basic understanding about the goals of ISKCON, about the Bhagavad-gita, and Srila Prabhupada’s contribution to humanity.

  • Yamuna Protest Will Not Budge or Negotiate This Time
  • 100,000 people are expected to participate in a third march protesting the condition of the sacred river Yamuna this spring – and this time, organizers say, they will not budge or negotiate with the government. Two previous marches in 2011 and 2013 yielded some results -- for instance, the government agreed to construct a sewage canal to stop Delhi drains discharging pollutants and sewer waste into the river.

    50th Anniversary News
  • The Bhagavat Dharma Experience: Prabhupada’s Second Visit to New Vrindaban
  • Over 500 devotees and guests had flooded in from all over the US for the biggest public event ISKCON had so far.

  • ISKCON’s 50th Plans Ramp Up, Search On For New Coordinator
  • As plans for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary in 2016 ramp up, thel 50th Anniversary Committee is on the lookout for a new international coordinator.

  • North American Leaders Focus on Kirtan, 50th Anniversary, TOVP
  • Sixty leaders of ISKCON Temples in North America met in Dallas for four days, to prepare for the upcoming 50th Anniversary of ISKCON in 2016.

  • A Swami’s Dream Comes to Life: Prabhupada’s First Visit to New Vrindaban
  • A cluster of devotees waited at the entrance to the West Virginia property, hearts beating with anticipation. 

  • ISKCON Communications Prepares for 50th Anniversary, Seeks Funds for Next Phase
  • ISKCON Communications Ministry is looking back on decades of gaining support for Prabhupada’s society. 

    World News
  • UN Urges Global Move to Meat and Dairy-free Diet
  • Lesser consumption of animal products is necessary to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change, UN report says.

  • Reasons to Keep Coconut Oil at Home
  • Populations that have a diet rich in coconut oil tend to be in good health, and stay away from many of modern diseases, torturing western nations.

  • How To Properly Wash Fruits And Vegetables To Remove The Harmful Chemicals
  • With using a few simple tips, you can protect yourself and your family from the raw food poisoning.

  • Luke Ruehlman, 2: "I Was a Woman Called Pam in a Past Life
  • When Luke Ruehlman began talking about a woman named Pam, his mother Erica assumed it was just an imaginary friend.

  • Houston Anthropologist Reveals Irrefutable Proof that Recorded History Is Wrong
  • An examination of the structures reveals that they were built by advanced civilizations from over 29,000 years ago.

  • Potential Spouse: The Real Knight in the Shining Armor

    Many women have perceived ideals of a perfect male romantic match. Having experienced them through the movies, fairy tales, such males often handsome and romantic, rescuing the "damsel in distress" from all her woes.

  • Nemesis in a Bag of Peanuts

    The notion of having power over others may provide a temporary gratification, but it starts to unravel pretty soon.

  • Family Breakdown Brings Societal Collapse

    Exactly echoing a message found in the Bhagavad-gita, a UK senior judge recently declared that “almost all of society’s social ills can be traced directly to the collapse of the family life.”

  • Race, Caste, Gandhi and King in the 21st Century: A Dialogue With Pandit Dasa

    Discrimination, whether raced-based, caste-based, gender-based, or religion-based is springs from ignorance and has no spiritual value. It only serves to distance us from other human beings and from God. 

  • Dhotis, Fur Hats, Burkas and Other Items of Cultural Baggage

    One of the consequences of modern globalization is that we are all being forced to reconsider the external elements of our respective faith traditions.

  • Miracle on Second Avenue