• GBC Supports ISKCON Environmental Initiative
  • Vancouver Harinama Passes 200 Consecutive Days
  • ISKCON Hungary Helps Middle Eastern Refugees
  • Youth Bus Tour Celebrates 20th Anniversary
  • Hare Krishna Festival Tour Gets Irish Feet Dancing
  • The Party That Never Ends

  • Vancouver Harinama Passes 200 Consecutive Days
  • A small yet growing crew of dedicated devotees have been doing Harinama Sankirtana in downtown Vancouver, Canada, for over 200 days in a row now, chanting the Holy Names of God for two hours every week day after work and for three hours on weekends.

  • North American GBC Supports ISKCON Environmental Initiative
  • ISKCON Communications Director Anuttama Das and Bhumi Project Director Gopal-Lila Das presented a proposal for a new ISKCON Environmental Initiative at the North American GBC meetings in Chicago this August. The proposal was unanimously accepted, and if successful will see ISKCON temples reducing waste, and increasing renewable energy use.

  • Hare Krishna Festival Tour Gets Irish Feet Dancing
  • The Hare Krishna Festival tour that drew many Irish people to Krishna consciousness in the 1990s returned to the Emerald Isle this summer, and once again got Irish feet dancing. Between 1990 and 1995, the late inspirational preacher and Prabhupada disciple Tribhuvanath Das toured Irish cities with his festivals based on Prabhupada’s model from the early days of ISKCON.

  • Malaysia: Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple is Penang’s Newest Landmark
  • There may be many Hindu temples in Malaysia, but the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple of Devotion and Understanding in Seberang Jaya, Penang, is in a class of its own in terms of building design and function. The temple is now receiving the final touches before the “kumbabeseigam” (consecration ceremony) on August 29.

  • ISKCON Hungary Steps Up to Help Middle Eastern Refugees
  • UN data show that more than 300,000 refugees have tried to reach Europe so far this year. Of those, almost 200,000 landed in Greece and 110,000 in Italy. At the same time, some 2,500 migrants or refugees are estimated to have died or gone missing this year, trying to reach Europe. Civil organizations have stepped up to help refugees with medical aid, water or food.

  • New Zealand: Hare Krishna Yasoda Dulal Embarks on a Year's Pilgrimage
  • When John Herbison (Yasoda Dulal) said goodbye to his wife before setting off on a walk,  he didn't say "I'll see you later", it was "I'll be back in about a year". The devout Hare Krishna of 30 years has set out on a pilgrimage to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hare Krishna Society's arrival in the western world.

  • Thousands March in Chandigarh to Celebrate ISKCON's 50th Anniversary
  • On August 13th, 2015, thousands of people marched together in the city of Chandigarh, capital of Punjab and Haryana, while loudly performing kirtan and chanting the Hare Krishna mantra to usher in the year-long celebrations commemorating the 50th anniversary of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). 

    50th Anniversary News
  • ISKCON Birmingham Host 8hr Kirtan in Honor of 50th Anniversary Celebrations
  • The eight hour kirtan event brought together top kirtaneers from all over country.

  • Srila Prabhupada’s Arrival in Boston
  • Srila Prabhupada's 50th Anniversary Arrival Festival will take place on Saturday, September 19th through Sunday, September 20th in Boston, Massachusetts. 

  • Epic 50th Anniversary of Prabhupada’s Journey to the U.S. Draws 35,000 People From 125 Countries
  • From August 13th to 16th a massive event in Kolkata drew 35,000 people.

  • ISKCON 50th Anniversary Inauguration Celebration in Kolkata
  • In Kolkata a grand celebration was held with the participation of devotees from 108 countries, and dignitaries such as the Chief Minister of West Bengal.  

  • 50 Years Ago Today: How One Sadhu Changed the World
  • By the time Srila Prabhupada passed away, there were more than 100 branches of his ISKCON all over the world. 

    World News
  • PM Modi for Shift in Climate Change Discourse to ‘Climate Justice’
  • Climate change is a “pressing” global challenge and the poor people are ‘most adversely’ affected by it.

  • The Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds are truly a gift of nature. Nuts and seeds makes healthy and balanced diet. Pumpkin seeds are said to be dietary powerhouses.

  • This Is Why You Should Be Sleeping On Your Left Side
  • Your sleep position can influence your health, help in keeping your skin look young, and improve your digestive health.

  • The Many Astounding Ways to Use Curcumin
  • Today, modern science is backing up what ancient Indians have known for centuries—that turmeric, and curcumin in particular, has many astounding uses.

  • Amy's Kitchen Is Opening An All Vegetarian Drive-Thru
  • The restaurant will offer meat-free burgers, burritos, macaroni and cheese, pizza, salad, as well as milkshakes and vegan non-dairy shakes.

  • The Party That Never Ends

    Everything is produced in time, stays in time and perishes in time. But there is a place and there are beings, completely beyond the influence of time. Everything is eternal there. No one ever dies or grows old. Time is not divided into past, present or future.

  • Violence, Non-violence and ‘Real Violence’

    Nothing prepared the Indian state of Gujarat for the scale and extent of the Patedar agitation which spread like wildfire in two short months in July and August 2015.

  • Lord of The Universe And His Day Out

    In today’s  ‘motor car civilization’, one of the most profound thing to ask would be, ‘who owns the world’s biggest and the most exotic car?’ To get an answer to this question, you would have to go to the Eastern part of India, to Jagannath Puri.

  • Double-edged Sword

    Srila Prabhupada repeatedly stressed that real education is character development. His name reminds us of the balance we have to strike – “Bhaktivedanta: knowledge with devotion.”

  • Who Knows the Way to Happiness: Positive Psychology or Bhakti Yoga?

     Positive Psychologists are perhaps the first group of scientists willing to hold out an open space for God-related-ideas.

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