• 'Protector of Cows' Kurma Rupa Das Passes Away
  • Grand New Temple to Rise in Baltimore
  • Alfred Ford School to Teach Conscious Leadership
  • 450 Delhi Youth Taste Bhakti Yoga on 'Yoga Day'
  • 50th Anniversary Celebrations at the Himalayas
  • Private Eye - Private Space
  • Nairobi Celebrates Three Decades of Ratha Yatra

  • 'Protector of Cows' Kurma Rupa Das Passes Away
  • On June 28th, 2015, at 8.45 AM on the auspicious Padmini ekadasi in the greatly auspicious month of Purushottoma, amongst the sacred cows in the holy land of Vrindavan, Mathura, Kurma-rupa Das left his body surrounded by devotees, Vrajavasis, and uplifting Hare Krishna kirtan, with sacred tulasi on his tongue and head and his salagram-sila on his chest. 

  • ISKCON UK Launch 50th Anniversary Celebrations
  • Bhaktivedanta Manor, the UK headquarters of the Hare Krishna movement, hosted the celebrations which featured presentations by Sivarama Swami, Praghosa Das, Kripamoya Das and Devaki Devi Dasi, kirtan by Chakrini Devi Dasi and shared memories and offerings by Srila Prabhupada’s disciples and senior devotees.

  • Grand New Temple to be a Center of Education and Learning in Baltimore
  • For at least the past two decades, ISKCON Baltimore has been a small center, and the congregation remains at only around 150 people today. But it has been growing, with more young Indians and Westerners becoming regular visitors due to several innovative outreach programs.

  • 450 Delhi Youth Taste Bhakti Yoga Bliss on 'International Yoga Day'
  • The worldwide increase of popularity of yoga inspired the United Nations to recognize 21st June as ‘International Yoga Day’. On this occasion, ISKCON’s Youth Forum (IYF) shared the bliss of bhakti yoga with Delhi youngsters through its bi-monthly youth festival called ‘Umanga’. 

  • ISKCON 50th Anniversary Program at the Himalayas
  • On June 24th, a day-long celebration was held at the famous Sri Badarinath Temple, in Badarikashram, Uttarakhand, India. he purpose of celebrations was to commemorate the upcoming 50th Anniversary of ISKCON’s establishment and to educate people of Uttarakhand about the teachings of Sri Caitanya.

  • Back to School: Three New Lessons for the New Goloka Community
  • June 12th marked the last day of a moderately successful first year at the New Goloka Community School (NGCS), located in Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA. After pioneering for almost 10 months, the students are happy to take a break during the long summer stretching ahead.Challenges present an opportunity to learn and grow, and NCGS has done just that in their fledgling year.

  • Nairobi Celebrates Three Decades of Ratha Yatra
  • The much-awaited festival of chariots finally, after one year of absence, glided through the streets of the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, with all glamour and grandeur. Hundreds of wanainchi (members of the public) came out on the streets to watch this colorful festival and the grand cart carrying the Lord of the Universe.

    50th Anniversary News
  • 50th Anniversary Briefing Pack Launched to Help Local Temples Plan Celebrations
  • The briefing pack provides a list of potential events and ideas so that local temples will find it easy to customise.

  • Hindu Catholic Relations Promoted at Washington, D.C. Event
  • Most significantly for ISKCON members, Vatican Council II redefined how the Catholic Church sees and engages with the non-Catholic religious traditions. 

  • 50th Anniversary Website Launched
  • The website will be the hub for all communications, resources and news about the 50th anniversary which will be celebrated in 75 countries from August 2015 to December 2016. 

  • Prabhupada’s Diaries Available as ISKCON’s 50th Nears
  • The two books will be celebrating their twentieth year since publication this year and next year respectively.

  • Sri Lanka to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Prabhupada’s Journey to U.S.
  • ISKCON worldwide is gearing up for 2016, when the society will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its registration in New York City. 

    World News
  • 400 Million Fewer Animals Were Killed for Food Last Year Because People Are Eating Less Meat
  • Where there’s less consensus, however, is how to affect change.

  • Yamuna Restoration
  • The National Green Tribunal has directed a principal committee to hold a meeting to determine the environmental flow of Yamuna from Hatnikhund barrage in Haryana up to Agra in Uttar Pradesh. 

  • Airline Now Requires New Pilots And Crew To Practice Yoga
  • This year, new employee training begins with a daily 6:30 a.m. yoga class, The Economic Times reports. 

  • India’s Biggest Clean Up Effort
  • Chennai is raising an army to fight the war against plastic.

  • Harvard Neuroscientist: Meditation Not Only Reduces Stress, Here’s How It Changes Your Brain
  • "Mindfulness is just like exercise. It’s a form of mental exercise."

  • Private Eye

    Where do your thoughts and actions gravitate towards when you are alone? What is your natural level of spiritual absorption behind closed doors? Good questions to assess our spiritual whereabouts, since our weaknesses are often exposed when nobody else is watching.

  • World Yoga Day – Let’s Go Beyond Political and Physical Posturing

    While yoga is devalued by political posturing in India, in the West it is devalued by physical posturing–it is reduced to an exercise for treating and shaping the body. 

  • Krishna Can Bring Good Out Of Everything - Even Our Mistakes

    Sometimes when we commit mistakes, we may become embarrassed, irritated or enraged with ourselves. If we become excessively disturbed, that often becomes a second mistake.

  • The Greatest Gift

    When my children were small they pooled their resources one year to purchase for my birthday a fine looking tie pin in the shape of a golf bag and clubs. Actually I’ve never played golf in my life, and as far as ties go, since my schooldays, I have made a point of avoiding them

  • The Ecology of Our Minds

    Like many people my age I live in front of books and computer screens. However, my religion has instilled in me important values regarding the earth.

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