• Update on ISKCON's Nepal Relief Efforts
  • Mayapur National School Continues Expansion
  • ISKCON Educates Tribal Children in Rural Assam
  • Forbes Features MOSA Director Mahaprabhu Das
  • Where Is Your God?
  • Three Steps

  • Government Accredited Mayapur School Continues Expansion
  • After being officially affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in Delhi in July 2014, the Bhaktivedanta National School at ISKCON’s headquarters in Mayapur, West Bengal continues to expand its operations. The school has ensured that teachers’ qualifications and salaries meet with CBSE requirements, and is now undergoing a series of physical improvements and additions.

  • ISKCON School to Educate Tribal Children in Rural Assam, India
  • Saraswati Vidya Niketan in Assam was founded in 2011 as an adult educational program where ISKCON devotees educated, local village youth who were previously working in nearby towns and cities as a labourers. Most of them were suffering from alcohol abuse, addiction to gambling, which severely affected their economy, ecology and cultural roots.

  • When Art Becomes a Dialogue Between Faiths
  • The Sacred Arts Festival in New Delhi brings together different styles of spiritual art and explores the confluence of art forms and spirituality. Forbes India interviews Martin Gurvich (Mahaprabhu Das) the founder of the Museum of Sacred Art in Radhadesh, Belgium, who says, "this is what the project is about: a dialogue between different faiths, styles of art, taking out judgements that we have about different art forms." 

  • Russia’s Rasikanam Leaves as he Lived -- in Kirtan
  • Rasikanam Das, a young Russian kirtaniya who was well known for his dedication to chanting Krishna’s Holy Names, passed away at the age of 32 due to heart trouble after he felt weak while leading a Harinam in the town of Sarapul, Russia. The details of his extraordinary life and passing have just come into ISKCON News through an interview with his widow Narasimhi Dasi.

  • Update on ISKCON's Nepal Relief Efforts
  • So far the Food For Life in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur has served over 40,000 plates of hot prasadam in shelters and hospitals. On Tuesday 28 April, 15 doctors arrived from Bhaktivendanta Hospital, Mumbai, who are conducting health camps around the affected areas. FFL Nepal has also received supply of two tons of grains from Kolkata. 

  • Hare Krishnas Feed Thousands in Quake Ravaged Nepal
  • With the help of 350 Food for Life volunteers, the FFL team is daily serving five thousand people in Kathmandu and seven thousand people Bhaktapur with fresh nutritious meals. Over the next few days, the number of meals being served by the FFL volunteers are expected to double from twelve thousand to twenty four thousand per day.

  • ISKCON Katmandu Distributes Food to the Earthquake Victims
  • On April 25th, a massive earthquake hit Nepal, which is now reported to have killed some 2,500 people. The ISKCON community has also been affected, with many devotees injured and having their houses lost. Some of their relatives got buried under the collapsed buildings and died. ISKCON Katmandu is trying its best to help devotees and people in need by providing shelter, medical help and organizing prasadam distribution.

    50th Anniversary News
  • Strengthening The Vision: Prabhupada’s Third Visit to New Vrindaban
  • This article is part of a series connecting New Vrindaban, ISKCON's first farm community, to the grand visions by Srila Prabhupada.

  • Vanipedia to Translate Prabhupada’s Gita Introduction into 108 Languages
  • The dynamic online encyclopedia of Prabhupada’s words are planning to making Prabhupada audios available on Youtube with subtitles in 108 languages.

  • Safe Temple Awards to Show ISKCON’s Unified Commitment to Child Protection
  • As part of its ongoing efforts for child safety, ISKCON’s North American Child Protection Office will kick off 2016 with its first annual “Safe Temple” awards.

  • 2015 Communications Seminar To Be Held in Radhadesh, Belgium
  • This year, ISKCON Communications Europe invites devotees from outside of Europe as well to discuss important international strategies and issues.

  • New Coordinator Talks Exciting Plans for ISKCON’s 50th
  • After a worldwide search, the Executive Committee for ISKCON’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations has appointed Romapada Das as its International Coordinator.

    World News
  • ISKCON Extends Its Support to Ban on Slaughter of Cows
  • ISKCON's Govardhan Ecovillage is saying that rearing these animals would add much more to the economy rather than killing them.

  • Bolivia Closes All Its McDonald's Restaurants and the Reason Why Is Amazing
  •  Bolivians feel for a meal to be a good meal that it must be prepared "with love, dedication and proper cook time."

  • His Name Is Khan, He Wants a Ban on Cow Slaughter Across India
  • He is a kathavachak (narrator of religious lore) with a difference. A devout Muslim by birth, Faiz Khan is a firm believer in the need to protect cows. 

  • Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Real
  • “When we read about Creation, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so,” Francis said.

  • Where Is Your God?

    Where is your God? Ask him to come before me now or else I won’t believe that he exists? Many agnostics frequently put forth such logic to deny God’s existence. This phenomenon isn’t new, God’s authority has been challenged since the dawn of creation.

  • Three Steps

    The three steps of anything: 1) Initial enthusiasm, 2) doubts, disinterest and struggle 3) eventual reward for the committed. This seems to be the standard pattern for most things in life: studies, career, relationships, hobbies, and yes, even spirituality.

  • Suicide in the Spur of the Moment

    A desire to live life on one’s own terms, expecting people around to accept their way of living, never compromising attitude and carrying tonnes of emotions on the sleeves are some of the attributes which characterise people today.

  • The Universal Family

    One no longer has an excuse to be ignorant on the topic of animal rights. Simply by browsing the Internet we can directly see the dealings between humans and animals, and animals and animals, even between different species.

  • What Is the Relationship of the Small Group of Devotees to ISKCON?

    Does the small group in ISKCON serve the local temple, or does the temple serve the small group? Who serves whom?

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