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2nd Gen Devotee Releases Two Books Drawing Readers Into Ancient Vedic Stories
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Jul 22, 2023

In a captivating interview with Jagannath Das, ISKCON News explored both his remarkable spiritual journey and his two newly released books that offer profound insights into the yogic texts of antiquity.

Raised in a Krishna-conscious household, Jagannath Das has inherited a rich legacy of devotion and storytelling. His father, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada, played a pivotal role in popularizing Hare Krishna music through his album “A Change of Heart.”

Jagannaths’ decision to immerse himself in the world of spirituality ultimately led him to reside in the ashram of New Vrindavan. His captivating storytelling abilities caught the attention of renowned personalities such as Radhanath Swami, further enhancing his reputation as a Mahabharat storyteller. This recognition opened doors for him to contribute to projects like the Mahabharat-based video game and the creation of “The Illustrated Guide to the Vedic Universe.”

However, when these ventures faced challenges, Jagannath Das took a different approach. He wrote his own books, focusing on specific subjects that intrigued him. His first publication, “The Slayer of Tyrants,” centers around the captivating Lila of Parasurama, a tale rarely discussed thoroughly within the Mahabharat. With 27 detailed chapters sourced from the Brahmanda Purana, this book explores the fascinating journey of Parasurama and his relationship with Lord Krishna.

Jagannaths’ reverence for the source material is evident in his approach to writing. He aims to present the ancient texts in a manner that retains their sanctity, ensuring readers receive an authentic experience. Speaking about his book, he shares, “I presented it in a very reverent style, as it was written in the Vedas. Many people have liked it, appreciating the depth and the connection to Krishna.”

Released in July 2023, “Legends Unleashed: 18 Days of Valor; The Complete Battle of Kurukshetra, a Comprehensive Narrative,” focuses exclusively on the famed battle and is a testament to his passion for the subject. Within its 411 pages, he weaves intricate details about the interactions between characters, their diverse moods, and Krishna’s dynamic role in resolving conflicts. The book serves as a comprehensive narrative, a contemporary – retelling that gives readers an immersive experience of the epic battle.

Jagannaths’ knowledge extends beyond his literary endeavors. As an accomplished astrologer, he incorporates his understanding of the Mahabharat and revealed Yogic texts into his consultations and teachings. Through astrology, he assists individuals and organizations in making informed decisions, providing insights into potential challenges and strengths. Jagannath emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong spiritual practice, stressing that it enhances one’s ability to comprehend the interconnectedness of astrology and the Vedas.

When questioned about his motivation for sharing his knowledge, Jagannath humbly stated, “As long as I’m a step ahead of somebody else, I can help them get to where I am.” His commitment to service is also reflected in his online summer course, “Mahabharat for Beginners.” By offering affordable classes, he seeks to introduce devotees, both young and old, to the captivating stories of the Mahabharat, ensuring a meaningful and engaging experience.

Author Jagannath Das.

Throughout our interview, Jagannath Das highlighted the profound impact the Mahabharat has had on his personal journey. He emphasizes the importance of understanding Krishna without the interference of imagination or speculation. His writings aim to bring Krishna to light as a relatable and tangible personality, enabling readers to form a genuine connection.

Jagannath’s books, “The Slayer of Tyrants” and “Legends Unleashed: 18 Days of Valor; The Complete Battle of Kurukshetra, a Comprehensive Narrative,” are available in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon. Furthermore, he welcomes collaborating with temples and gift shops, offering reduced rates for those interested in carrying his works.

As he continues his literary and spiritual endeavors, Jagannaths’ contributions provide a gateway to Mahabharat’s hidden treasures and profound insights. Through his books and Srila Prabhupada’s teachings, he invites readers to embark on their own transformative journeys, seeking wisdom and inspiration within the ancient yogic epics.

To contact Jagannath and find out more about his inspirational work, visit his official website at