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Ask a Nerd: What About Organ Donation?
By BIHS   |  Jul 09, 2022

Q: What about becoming an organ or blood donor, or receiving blood transfusions? I myself am supposed to get bone grafting from “cadavers” for my teeth. How should we tackle this complicated subject?

A: The good news is that you are not that body, and neither is the cadaver! From a broad Vedic perspective, our present conditional form can be considered as a biological machine, and most certainly in comparison to the quality of the individual jiva exhibiting consciousness while inhabiting that particular form. From a devotional Vaishnava perspective, the practitioner aspires to engage all things, understood as Krishna’s energies, in a pleasing manner in His service.

If it is possible to medically improve the machine we presently inhabit with a favorable result for facilitating devotional service, that may be considered a positive opportunity. On the other hand, since we do not have an essential relationship with our current conditional form, but are rather destined to only associate with it for a set time, there is really only so much that can be done to improve it. With that thought in mind, some may feel less inclined to take what could be thought a risky procedure, in an attempt to lengthen the utility of a “machine” destined to fail in due course. All in all, this question sounds like a decision that would need to be made on a personal basis, in consultation with trusted advisors.