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Attractive and Easy Idea for the Christmas Marathon
By Badrinarayan Swami   |  Dec 19, 2021

Here is a great and easy idea for the Christmas Marathon. One of the brahmacaryas here in San Diego, Govardhana prabhu, came up with it. He puts together three soft-bound books (Gita, Science of Self-realization, and Chant and Be Happy), and puts a Christmas bow around them.

He slips a temple invitation card underneath the ribbon. He then stacks up these sets on his table. The key is people walking past his table and seeing all these nice gift packs arrayed.

His presentation is “Give the Gift of Timeless Wisdom”. “Give a Gift that Keeps on Giving”—you get the idea. He tells them “You can pick the color of the ribbon”. People really like it. He asks for $8 a set and yesterday sold 32 sets. Now that is a solid day of sankirtan.


All glories to the clever and merciful Vaisnavas and all glories to the Christmas marathon.

Your servant,

Badrinarayan Swami

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