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Bhakti Recovery Group Expands Service with Special Events in US
By Atma Tattva Das, ISKCON News Staff Writer   |  Aug 15, 2023

Photo by Min An.

In a transformational initiative to bridge spiritual healing and personal growth, the Bhakti Recovery Group (BRG) is gearing up to host an empowering convention in Alachua on September 23-24th. Rooted in the principles of Bhakti yoga and the 12-step recovery process, this event aims to provide devotees with the tools and training they need to establish and sustain their support group meetings held online and in-person worldwide. With its unique approach, the BRG addresses the often difficult-to-share aspects of devotees’ lives and offers a pathway toward holistic well-being.

With hundreds attending Bhakti Recovery Group meetings daily worldwide, ISKCON members, leaders, and many BRG participants agree that this may be one of the most significant developments in devotee care today.

The insights gleaned from an interview with Jiva Gaurangi Dasi, “Jiva G,” the founder of the Bhakti Recovery Group, highlight the pressing challenges faced by devotees who often come from guarded backgrounds. Jiva G stresses the importance of addressing their past experiences, encouraging individuals to embrace their truths while deepening their appreciation for Bhakti. Through a combination of Bhakti principles and the 12-step process, the BRG assists devotees in integrating their personal stories into their spiritual journey.

Jiva Gaurangi Dasi “Jiva G”

In our interview, Jiva touched on the delicate issue of apparent spiritual narcissism within the community. She advises individuals to maintain healthy boundaries and focus on their own spiritual growth rather than engaging in confrontations. This approach not only fosters individual progress but also contributes to a healthier spiritual community at large.

The upcoming Convention in Alachua is a pinnacle event in the BRG’s efforts to empower devotees. This unique gathering, in collaboration with Namamrita Das and other devoted individuals, aims to equip attendees with the necessary skills and knowledge to establish and conduct their own support group meetings. The convention also highlights integrating Bhakti principles with the 12-step process, emphasizing a holistic approach to healing and growth.

As Jiva G explains, “We want to offer a fungible framework, accommodating diverse needs while addressing personal struggles.” The convention provides a safe space for devotees to connect, learn, and engage in a transformative dialogue bridging the gap between spirituality and recovery. Through seminars, discussions, and workshops, attendees will gain valuable insights into the intricacies of both Bhakti and recovery principles.

For those who wish to come a day earlier, the Radhastami festivities will be held at the Alachua Temple on Friday, September 22nd, with the retreat officially beginning on Saturday, September 23rd, and concluding on Sunday, the 24th. Hosted by Namamrita Das and keynote speaker Jiva G, the event will include a special talk on the role of recovery in ISKCON history by well-known author Yogesvara Das.

The event is open to all, and no formal registration is required. The cost is donation-based, and all sessions will be held at the offices, 13921 NW 146th Ave in Alachua. Although prasada will be provided, participants who are not local are expected to arrange for their own accommodations during the multi-day event.  Hotel recommendations can be provided by organizers.  For more details, contact Namamrita Das on WhatsApp at +1 (516) 313-4763 or email.

Two More Events

The convention also paves the way for two transformative retreats that lie ahead. The “From Bondage to Bliss” Retreat, led by Jiva G. and Raghu, is scheduled from September 28th-October 1st, 2023, at SuperSoul Farm in upstate New York. Following this, the BRG New Vrindavan Retreat will occur on October 5-8th, 2023. Both retreats offer a unique opportunity for devotees to embark on a journey toward inner healing, spiritual growth, and lasting transformation.  

With these events on the horizon, the Bhakti Recovery Group encourages interested individuals to reach out and register promptly, if required. The conventions, retreats, and support group meetings offered by the BRG are designed to provide a platform for devotees to delve deeper into their spiritual and personal journeys. By blending Bhakti yoga with recovery principles, the BRG fosters a vibrant community that offers solace, growth, and support for those seeking a holistic path to well-being.

To help bring JivaG to Alachua, please visit their GoFundMe campaign

For more information and to register for these upcoming events, interested individuals are invited to contact the Bhakti Recovery Group via their website.

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