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Cell Phone Radiation Fears at Canadian Elementary Schools
By Lloyd Burrell   |  Aug 23, 2013

The largest teachers union in Canada, the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO), has passed a resolution requiring that cellphones in classrooms be turned off. The message behind the EFTO ruling; it’s time to protect school-age children and teachers by turning off cell phones during school time. This is no small move for the 76,000 elementary teachers from Ontario who make up the ETFO.

Echoing the concerns of her coworkers, teacher Sandra Wash, who spoke at the meeting, said, “There is cause for concern for members’ health and safety, especially women.”

WiFi transmitters to be labeled

The ETFO’s vote is supported by information from the World Health Organization (WHO), which classifies the microwave radiation emitted from cell phones and WiFi as a Class 2B carcinogen, meaning that it could possibly cause cancer in humans. A second vote demanded that school boards stop hiding WiFi transmitters in the ceiling and label them as part of a hazard control program.

Dangers of radiation

What about the dangers of microwave radiation and school-age children? Everyone who is exposed to the microwave radiation emitted from cell phones and other wireless technologies is at risk; however, children are especially vulnerable due to a thinner skull, a smaller head, highly conductive brain tissue, and exposure at a much earlier age (resulting in exposure for a longer period of time).

A child’s undeveloped nervous system and immature physical status means they can absorb more than twice the amount of radiation as an adult. Children affected by microwave radiation may suffer with:

• Nausea
• Vertigo
• Dizziness
• Headaches
• Racing heart
• Memory loss
• Sleep disorders

But this is an incomplete list. Radiation exposures have also been linked to brain tumors, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression and a long list of other serious illnesses.

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