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CPO NA Restrictions on BVP
By North American Council, NA GBC and Regional Leaders   |  Nov 22, 2022

The ISKCON North American Council (NAC), headed by five members of the Governing Body Commission (GBC) with geographical responsibility in the United States and Canada, fully endorses and will comply with the 28th October 2022 ISKCON Central Office of Child Protection (ICOCP) restrictions on ISKCON’s relationship with Alan Ross Wexler, also known as Bhaktividya Purna, previously Swami, and as Anirdesya Vapu dasa (first initiated name).

The NAC condemns in the strongest possible terms both child abuse and pastoral abuse and has determined that it will impose its own additional stringent restrictions on Anirdesya Vapu, applicable within North America.
We, of the NAC, express our heartfelt concern, respect, and prayers for the courageous individual survivors and their families who were affected by these horrific events. If there is something we can do within our capacity to assist you, please let us know by messaging Malati devi dasi (WhatsApp +1 614-580-9379).

The NAC has been planning a significant enhancement to the North American Child Protection Office. Details will be announced soon, including both budgetary increases and additional child protection officers, in support of our commitment to ensure that children in our North American communities are safe and protected.

Your servants,
NAC Members:

Badrinarayan Swami, GBC member
Bir Krsna Goswami, GBC member
Bhaktimarga Swami, GBC member
Devamrta Swami, GBC member
Malati devi dasi, GBC member
Anuttama dasa, GBC member, Communications Minister
Praharana devi dasi, NAC Chair
Kuladri dasa, NA Temple Support Office
Manorama dasa, Youth Minister
Govinda Priya devi dasi, NA Vaisnavi Minister
Jaya Krsna dasa, Zonal Supervisor
Vrnda devi dasi, Zonal Supervisor
Prabhupada Priya devi dasi, Zonal Supervisor (pending)
Pyari Mohana dasa, Regional Secretary
Kumari Kunti devi dasi, NA Communications Co-Director


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