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Devotees Among Those Cut Off in Mariupol
By Anuttama Dasa, GBC and Minister of Communications   |  Mar 07, 2022

ISKCON Mariupol, 2019

ISKCON News Report
Anuttama dasa
March 7, 2022

Events in Ukraine are changing daily, if not by the hour. Here are updates that ISKCON News has confirmed.

Devotees Among Those Cut Off in Mariupol

The direst situation faced by Ukrainian Krishna devotees may be in the city of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine. “The devotees have been cut off,” reported Nirananjana Swami, ISKCON Governing Body Representative for Ukraine. “More than one hundred fifty devotees have been forced to leave their homes and group together in undisclosed locations for safety; meanwhile, water and power have been turned off in the city for several days. It’s a desperate situation.” Devotees are reported to have taken shelter in four different locations. It is hoped that a humanitarian passageway will be opened soon to help the devotees, and other civilians, escape that city. We request all devotees to pray for the victims of this conflict, and especially for the devotees of Mariupol.

Video: ISKCON Mariupol during happier days, 2019

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