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Divya’s Kitchen, Ayurvedic Restaurant, Opens in NYC’s East Village
By Meredith Deliso   |  Jan 01, 1901

Divya Alter noticed there weren’t many places to sit down and enjoy a meal based on Ayurvedic principles in New York City. Enter Divya’s Kitchen.

Her new vegetarian restaurant, opening Wednesday in the East Village at 25 First Ave., is located in the same building as Alter’s Ayurvedic culinary school, Bhagavat Life, which she runs with her husband.

The menu items have been pulled from those classes, 100 of which will be published in April 2017 in Alter’s cookbook, “What to Eat for How You Feel.”

Divya’s Kitchen is open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner, with dishes that range from Italian to Indian to Mediterranean to Asian (breakfast and lunch are slated to follow in a few months). The connecting thread are items that taste good, and are good for you, Alter said.

“I care about people, I care about their health,” Alter said. “It’s not just a meal you enjoy. You feel good afterwards.”

What does it mean to be an Ayurvedic restaurant? The chef walked us through the core aspects of the menu.

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