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Evacuation of Oleg Prabhu and His Family From Melitopol
By   |  Sep 07, 2022

Oleg Prabhu is a vaishnava from Melitopol. The city has been occupied by the Russian army since March. He needs our help to evacuate his family.

Oleg Prabhu tells us:

“Since the war broke out, the city has been occupied, there are a lot of military men on the streets and right in front of our house. The city is shelled all the time, something explodes almost every night. Because of this, my wife often has panic attacks and, in general, she is depressed, all the side effects following (sleep disturbance, apathy and weakness in general). My son is 12 years old and, although he used to be very cheerful before the ear broke out, he does not even want to go to the seaside and be in the nature. My brother is also very depressed. The only thing that saves me is volunteering in Food for Life and the fact that I am immersed in helping other people and associating with like-minded people for half a day. But, when I come back home, it hurts to see my family like this and I can only help them when I leave for a safer place.”

They have to pass a long way through the third countries because there is no guarantee to stay alive during front-line crossing. They have some savings but its not enough, they require another USD 1,400. Please, help to save the lives of Oleg prabhu and his family.


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