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From Inmates to Monks: ISKCON Manila Reaches Out
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Apr 16, 2008

An unusual sight presented itself at ISKCON Manila, in the Philippines this February: Franciscan monks chanting and dancing along with Hare Krishna devotees.

The 75-strong group visited the temple as part of ISKCON Manila’s ongoing interfaith outreach, taking part in an interactive discussion on the teachings of Bhagavad-Gita. The monks then stayed on to match the devotees in exuberant chanting and dancing, before enjoying a full vegetarian meal. The Franciscan leader was delighted with his visit, and returned the favor by requesting devotees to come to his monastery.

ISKCON Manila is becoming well-known for its many such outreach efforts. March saw the community visit a local jail in Makati city and play devotional music in the cells for forty-five minutes. Many inmates actively joined in, dancing and singing along. Over four hundred plates of sacred vegetarian food were served, and inmates received more than two hundred free books on the science of Krishna consciousness. Many commented that this event was the highlight of their stay in prison.

ISKCON Manila continue to distribute free food in prisons, schools, hospitals and poverty stricken areas of the city, three times a week. Public reaction has been extremely positive.