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GBC Further Restricts Anirdesya Vapu das
By ISKCON News Staff   |  Dec 19, 2022

ISKCON’s Governing Body Commission (GBC) today released a resolution regarding Anirdesya Vapu das (formerly known as Bhaktividya Purna Swami). The decision, while overlapping with the Child Protection Office’s (CPO) earlier decision (see article here), sets restrictions on Anirdesya Vapu das that are self-standing. The resolution also clarifies the status of the former guru’s disciples. Like all GBC resolutions, this decision is pending SABHA review before becoming ISKCON Law. The full resolution is below:

Governing Body Commission Resolution Re: The Status of Anirdesya Vapu das (Formerly known as Bhaktividya Purna Swami)
December 15, 2022

Whereas, an October 28, 2022, ISKCON Child Protection Office (CPO) decision determined that Anirdesya Vapu das, previously known as Bhaktividya Purna Swami, had engaged in the sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and psychological abuse of a child;

Whereas, it was also confirmed that he had engaged in sexual acts with at least one adult woman over an extended period of time;

Whereas, a further investigation by the GBC Guru Services Committee has confirmed the same;

Whereas, such behaviors are in gross violation of Vaishnava codes of conduct, especially for someone who is trusted to give spiritual guidance as a leader and a guru. They go against the very principles of care for the vulnerable which should guide our every action and thought;

Whereas, in February 2007 Anirdesya Vapu das was restricted from accepting disciples via GBC Resolution 312/B which was based upon a CPO decision from September 2000;

Whereas, it has been established that Anirdesya Vapu das violated that prohibition and initiated devotees after that date;

Whereas, based on the 2022 CPO decision and new information about the extent of Anirdesya Vapu das’ abuses that it revealed, and his other violations, the Guru Services Committee has determined that Anirdesya Vapu das is unqualified to serve as either a diksa guru or siksa guru (initiating disciples, or offering spiritual instruction);

Whereas, the GBC Sannyasa Committee has suspended Anirdesya Vapu das’ sannyasa status, and that is likely to be made permanent in the near future;

Therefore, the GBC affirms that Anirdesya Vapu das is, for the duration of his life, prohibited from:

·      Accepting disciples in ISKCON; and

·      Serving as a siksa guru in ISKCON; and

·      Giving any form of spiritual guidance or instruction, including leading or contributing to any classes, meetings, or seminars of any kind, at any ISKCON temple, or affiliated program, festival, venue, or online forum.

Furthermore, regarding those devotees who accepted initiation from Anirdesya Vapu das:

If such an initiation was before February 2007, those devotees are advised to seek spiritual guidance from senior devotees in ISKCON and to continue serving within ISKCON as they have been doing. They continue to be initiated devotees in ISKCON, in the line of Srila Prabhupada, with the full privileges and responsibilities thereof. If any of those devotees choose to seek reinitiation from a guru in good standing in ISKCON, either now or in the future, they are welcomed and encouraged to do so. In such a circumstance, devotees should seek further guidance from their local ISKCON authorities and GBC.

If such an initiation occurred after February 2007, the date that Anirdesya Vapu das was prohibited from initiating, those devotees are strongly advised to seek initiation from an ISKCON guru in good standing, as their current initiation status has no standing in ISKCON.

The GBC Executive Committee will reach out to ISKCON devotees worldwide, and especially those impacted by Anirdesya Vapu das’ abuse and other actions to share this information and to offer them appropriate spiritual support.

A pdf of the GBC Resolution can be found here:

GBC Resolution Anirdesya Vapur das Dec 15 2022

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