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GBC SPT Some Lessons I’ve learned dealing with Covid-19 with Gopal Bhatta das
By   |  Apr 24, 2021

Some Lessons I’ve learned dealing with Covid-19, Q&A with GBC SPT chair Please join us to hear from Gopal Bhatta das as he shares the essential lessons he has learned in chairing the SPT through a most difficult year of Covid-19 along with personally helping over 100 devotees, friends and colleagues who have gotten sick with Covid-19, some with life-threatening complications. About Gopal Bhatta Das Gopal Bhatta Dasa was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1971 in Detroit, US. From 1973 until 1976, Gopal Bhatta Dasa served as a sankirtan leader for the following cities: Cleveland, Detroit, Dallas and Chicago. He was the temple president in Los Angeles from 1977 until 1980. It is unique that Gopal Bhatta das is currently in no position of formal leadership or management within ISKCON but he contributes with an independence that is considered by many to give a fresh perspective. He is the chairperson of the Strategic Planning Team (SPT) that was activated in 2006 and he has created vitality and drive among the team members that are supporting the GBC’s future. His vision for ISKCON is “more devotees, happier devotees.” He has three sons and one daughter, and his home base is Los Angeles, CA.

Disclaimer: This does not express the official position of the GBC Body and is solely the opinion of the author. The GBC Body does not give medical advice and neither does it encourage/discourage vaccinations or any other medical precautions or treatments.

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